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Creating posts and pages. Posts are the articles, or blog posts you normally think about and what we will be using for this site. Here is a quick how to guide for publishing on

Get Published

Images Great resource for editing and creating images. Very easy to use and Free to sign up. 

Add Images

Writing and Editing Posts in WordPress

This basic tutorial goes over how to write and edit a page in WordPress. She covers using the composer very well as well as adding media. The only difference is we are using posts not pages but the interface is the same. tutorial: Posts and pages

Citation Practices

Here is a web article about MLA citation using citations and including a Works Cited at the end. A few people were asking about footnotes and end notes. You can see they have a reference to note 1 and a note at the end. Good article to look at how academic professionals do the same work we are doing here.

Web Article with MLA citations

We talked a little about different citation styles. We are using MLA. There is also APA which is used in the social sciences. The third one used commonly in academia is Chicago style. This is also the style used for most books.

MLA Style: Purdue OWL MLA Guide

APA Style: Purdue OWL APA Guide

Chicago Style: Quick Guide

MLA Formatting video

Here is a quick video on how to format your paper in Word for MLA.

Scholarly Research

Scholarly research is research that is published by people with specialized knowledge on what they are researching. It is peer reviewed, reviewed by other researchers and specialist in the field, and is generally trustworthy. Blogs, Newspapers, Magazines are not Scholarly but are popular sources.

You can use the college library to find scholarly/academic research journals that publish articles, reviews, and research. Here is the Chaffey Library’s article research help page. It includes a video and how to find articles.

Chaffey College Library Scholarly Articles

Databases to look at besides the popular ones. Type in your key words into each of these. If you have too many results, check only full articles and peer reviewed or scholarly sources. 

Academic Search Complete

ERIC – educational sources

JSTOR – Humanities scholarship – Free resource anyone can use. Use it to find the main points to a topic and to brainstorm topics. 

Chaffey Articles by Subject

You can also use the scholarly research portal from Google.

Google Scholar

Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & Park audio book on YouTube

Natural Reader

This website is free to use. You can also download a free version of the software for your computer. It will read anything you highlight out loud. Use it to proofread your work. 

Natural Reader

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