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Literary Analyses

Assignment: Literary Analysis

Literary analyses asks you to read texts critically and carefully. The genre examines literary texts closely to understand their messages, interpret their meanings, and appreciate their writers’ techniques. You might look for patterns in a book or play or point out differences between a book and the movie based on the novel. You will go below the surface to deepen your understanding of how the texts work and what they mean. 

You will formulate a thesis about the meaning of a literary work. The essay offers an interpretation of the text, with evidence from the text itself to support it. 


  • 1,000 to 1,200 words
  • MLA Style
  • 1 to 2 sources aside from our text
  • A strong arguable thesis
  • Effective detail analysis
  • Well-constructed and supported paragraphs
  • Focus on closely analyzing a relatively small number of details.
  • Correct grammar, punctuation, and citation
  • Works Cited
  • 1 featured image

Parts of the Assignment

  1. Proposal for Literary Analysis
  2. Rough Draft
  3. Peer Review
  4. Final Draft


Write an essay about a theme or issue explored in the novel. For this essay, apply your analytical skills to develop a detailed and rigorous argument. Pick something that you find interesting or intriguing from the novel and develop it into a thesis driven essay. The significance or meaning of the topic, in other words what the passage is saying is the central part of this paper. Focus on details, patterns, anomalies, and binaries you notice as evidence to support your thesis’ claims about the ideas that the text is communicating. Identifying the ideas will be the challenging part, because it requires you to move beyond the details to the significance (or the so what question).

You will have to include outside research, one to two articles, public or scholarly to help develop and support your thesis. You need to paraphrase and quote passages from the text to support your claims. 


Thematic Interpretation

Close Reading

Book Review

Author extension. New chapter or retelling of a chapter with explanation. 

Sample Essays

The Misfits Spoilers! 

Loving a Broken Girl

Could Location Provoke Racism?

Grading Criteria

Clear Topic and Debatable Thesis

Focused Paragraphs and Analysis

Use of Sources

Images and Title

Works Cited and Proper MLA

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