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Intro to Report

Reports are as diverse as all the classes you will take. You can write a report on a lab experiment, conduct interviews and assemble into a report, and even research a topic and publish it for the benefit of everyone. 

Reports are a genre that you may be familiar with but not know it. Reports are what we have done since elementary school. Reports are produced by government organizations, websites, companies, universities, and even individual students like yourselves. A report can answer a question, explore a topic, review what is already known about a subject, or report new knowledge, to name a few. 

These are a few qualities that a report usually has:

  • Presents information
  • Uses reliable sources
  • Aims for objectivity
  • Presents information clearly and well structured

For this assignment, I want you to choose a topic that interests you and you want to learn more about. It can be related to your major, future or current career, something you are familiar with, or something you want to know more about. 


Susan Wilcox, author of “Marathons for Women” (p. 39), is a runner who turned a subject personally important to her into a fully documented academic paper. You will write a similar report based on a subject you would like more people to know about. Narrow your subject to a specific claim you can explore in several pages. Use trustworthy sources and document them correctly. 

Choose a topic that you personally want to know more about. It can be something you already know and want to explore more, or it could be something you are interested in learning about that you know very little about. Choose something you care about that you wish to know more. If it is interesting to you, it will be interesting to your audience. 

  • 1,000+ words
  • 1 Featured image
  • 5 sources (3 scholarly)
  • MLA or APA style


  • Research Question (Prewriting)
  • Thesis Statement (Prewriting)
  • Research Sources Worksheet (Prewriting)
  • Outline (10)
  • Annotated Bibliography (10)
  • Rough Draft (10)
  • Peer Review (10)
  • Revised Draft (Prewriting)
  • Final Draft (150)
  • Reflection (Prewriting)


The report can be in any style or format that you think best suits it. Here is a list of possible choices:

  • Essay Report 1,000 words
  • PowerPoint slide 9+ slides
  • Infographic
  • News Report 1-2 min Video
  • Breaking News Video 1-2 min Video
  • Wikipedia style page 1,000+ words
  • Featured Article in Newspaper 1,000+ words


We will develop the grading criteria as a class. 


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