“So it was the Iguana who frightened the Python, who scared the Rabbit, who startled the Crow, who alarmed the Monkey, who killed the owlet- and now the mother Owl won’t wake the sun so that the day will come” My favorite quote from one of my favorite children books Why Mosquitoes buzz in Your Ear? Even though it’s been years since I’ve read it, I still love this book for the memories it holds. My mom was the one to introduced me to the book so by reading it to me. I still remember her being so imaginative and expressive with her reading that she made reading look like so much fun, and I wanted to read as well. From picture books to chapter books, mom always made sure I had a book to read. When I started to understand letters and words is when I became a book worm.

Mom would take me to the library every Friday or Saturday either to just read a couple books or to rent them out and take them home to read. The most memorable library I remember going to was the Cerritos Library. I still remember how artistic it looks in the kid’s section, they made it as though we were in a fantasy world. In the reading area there were comfy couches and rugs to either sit or lay down to read. The wall in front of the reading area was a giant aquarium that reached from the floor to the ceiling, it had various amount of different fishes that it was almost mesmerizing.

I remember coming back from the library and reading BFG, or Charlie and The Chocolate Factory being just completely enthralled in the story. I love being able to submerse yourself into a story and pretend that you’re with the characters and going through the same situation with them. Reading time became an activity in my household as well. Every day at a certain time my brothers and I would read for 30 minutes, no matter if we were in the middle of watching TV or playing a videogame. For the most part it wasn’t that hard to do, unless my favorite cartoon was on, of course.

I started to have a falling out with reading when I was 15 years old, at that time I mostly read comic books and manga. There were many factors as to why I started to lose interest in reading. I think the main reason is that I started to distract myself with TV shows and comics. At the time I felt like that was the best way to relax was to turn off my brain with TV, comics or whatever else that could be mind-numbing.  Recently I started to go back to the library and reconnect with my love for books. At first I was going because of something that I needed for school but the more I went the more I wanted to read the books that I would pass up.