I recently visited the Eleanor and Park fan art exhibit, and while browsing through, I noticed each piece of art created by the students is a wonderful representation of the book. I love that students took their time to find important details in the book and brought it to life. There were many pieces, and I could recognize each one from the book. This helped me visualize scenes and gave me a taste of what others visualized while reading the book as well. Many touched on different areas of the book, from the bus ride, to specific details such as Eleanor’s hair. Each piece of art is unique in its own way.


In the piece above, there are multiple different scenes being displayed. This was one of my favorites because not only did they use images to bring their thoughts on the book to life, but they used specific quotes to focus on as well. The piece shows what brought Eleanor and Park together in the first place on the bus, which was the comics and the music. Also, it shows where they first touched hands, them listening to music together on the bus, Park using his taekwondo skills on Steve, and how Eleanor would look over and read his comics. Right in the lower middle is a picture of them kissing, and it shows the perfect scene to what the book described, with the light in the background and the snow falling. My favorite quote used in the piece is “holding Eleanor’s hand was like holding a butterfly” because it doesn’t directly say Park has feelings for her, but it shows the readers the feeling and emotion he is experiencing. All these scenes were an important part to Eleanor and Park’s journey of falling in love.

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 5.25.01 PM.png

This is another piece I’d like to focus on because it is an important part of the book, it demonstrates how Eleanor and Park met. As you can see, it shows Eleanor approaching near Park, and this is where he told her to sit down. Without this scene, would there even be an Eleanor and Park? If he never let her sit down on the bus next to him that day, how would they ever get to know each other? And it may not show just the first time they met, but it could also show what they looked forward too everyday. Eleanor and Park always looked forward to seeing each other on the bus. I love the way the artist demonstrated this, as if we are on the outside looking in, kind of how we are when we are reading the book.

I was very impressed with each piece of art that I saw for this book. It is beautiful to see words brought to life. The artists did a wonderful job touching on the many details expressed in each chapter. It was an expression of thought through art, and I could relate many images with what I had been picturing in my mind.