On November the 18th. I went to the Wignall Museum to view the exhibition for Eleanor and Park’s fanart. As I walked into the museum, I glanced to my right and looked into the exhibit. Something black and colorful caught my eye. I quickly signed in, gave a quick nod to the front desk employee and rushed in. As I entered into the exhibit I felt the cold breeze from the AC setting on my face as I walked in. I immediately went over to black colorful display to digest the complexities of the art. As I look into the picture, I found myself sinking into picture as I stare more and more. The display consists of different pictures that represent the relationship that both Eleanor and Park had. The display had multiple quotes that were directly from the book. Each and every single quote has significant meanings. From “I don’t like you, sometimes I think I live for you” to “when she got up to leave, he handed Watchmen to her”. Each and every single one of the quotes gives the fan art an aurora. A feeling that cannot be disregarded. Love is that feeling. The art connects your mind to the adventures you read in the book. The connection that you made with the characters suddenly is revived, as you look longer and longer into the picture. When you read books, you start to develop feelings for the characters. Not a romantic feeling, but a feeling of connection. As you trace the story with your eyes, all the moments you shared with the characters comes back alive. All those times, slowly turning the pages and reading the scenes that happened in the book, being portrayed in a piece of art is truly mesmerizing. As I digested every single little detail, I began to contemplate on what were the connections that were in my friendships.


On the next art piece, I looked at was the first bus ride piece. In this picture I found it to be such a powerful piece that represents the first connection that started their friendship. It represents so much in such a simple, yet sophisticated drawing. In the picture, it shows the first interaction that was made that led to their romantic relationship. I loved how in the story, it doesn’t start as “falling in love at first sight” type of story. It starts out as a “trying to not talk to her” type of story. Where limited connections were made. I think in the piece of artwork, it clearly represents how Park was trying to limit those interactions in the first scene. I love how it really touches base on the first moment they met. It was a very important scene that represents a lot that escalated from there. In just this one piece, it made me think of the many friendships that started out like this. It brought back many memories of my first day of school.

I was very impressed with the artwork that was so humbly displayed. I appreciated every single one, and believe that the artists did a fantastic job on recreating the scenes for the people to enjoy. Thank you, artists of the Eleanor and Park display, for painting a live picture for the people to appreciate.