I attended the fan art club for Eleanor and Park on 27th of October, and again on 15th of November at the Wignall Art Museum in Chaffey College. I went there the first time and I couldn’t stop taking pictures, they were so beautiful and meaningful, each piece of them. I did not know what was the book about when I went there for the first time. It was so mysterious to me yet I knew that there is something so beautiful in every drawing that represents a significant meaning. As I started reading the book, I decided that there is two pictures that attracted me the most from the few pictures that I took. eleanor1


This is one of the two drawings that I focused on the most because this beautiful drawing represents the beginning of everything, the beginning of the wonderful love journey between two teenagers, it’s the first bus ride that gathered the two of them together. It is the place where they both were bounded to each other through music, reading, and thoughts. The first bus ride represents a significant incident that showcase something vague inside both of the characters, they both have weird characteristics and therefore could be attached to each other in someway. In the bus ride, they were both bullied by other kids, they kind of share lots of common things, and however, again, the bus ride is the place of all of the arguments, of all the tale.




This is the second drawing that attracted me, I was actually attracted by how everything including the bus ride, comic books, music, and definitely… Eleanor contributed to one another. Everything listed bonds Park and Eleanor together, and eventually made the two of them live a wonderful love story that has a significant and special meaning for both of them. They kind of created the foundation of their relationship with each other, the reasoning of it.

I personally loved the idea of making a fan club art for Park and Eleanor, it’s a creativity from people to do that. They drew everything so beautifully that makes their drawings look like not just as a piece of art, but also as a mystery and puzzle for people who did not read the book, it’s also an inspiration for people to read it as it encourages them to know more about the missing significant meaning in each of the drawings.