I chose to visit the Wignall Museum for my one book one college event. Since I started reading some of  the story I thought it would help me to have some type of understanding of what some of the art was representing or portraying. As I was approaching the museum I couldn’t help but imagine what it was going to be like inside I’ve always walked past it but never had a clear visual of what was inside. I imagined a big room with lights and canvasses on every inch of the walls with elevator music playing in the background or something fancy.  When I finally arrived at the door just walking in my whole perspective changed it was much smaller than I imagined. It was a small, gray, empty room there was no elevator music or anything fancy. Even the paintings weren’t how I imagined them, they were hand drawn on paper and just hung on the walls. Which amazed me because some of them were actually great they were an incredible representation of the story and made perfect sense. Some of the art even gave you the idea and theme of the story without even having to read it beforehand( I took my son and he somewhat understood it). Some stood out more than others but they all made sense of the story you would be able to understand why they put those things together or why they drew that certain picture. One that really stood out to me was the scene of her first day on the bus where she couldn’t find a seat which sealed her fate as “the one” you knew that she was the odd one out, and made her look awkward and self conscious and it does a really does a great job of representing the scene in the story. Another one that caught my attention was one of Eleanor and park sitting together on the bus with park blushing at her. It does a great job of giving you a visual of Eleanor and park. Even though everyone has they’re own idea of how they would look like. It gave the viewer a clear view of how the book explained they would look like. Overall I really liked the experience and all the different views of the same story. It proves that everybody has their own interpretation  and view of the same story.