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One thought on “Eleanor, Park & All the Insecurities Inbetween. 

  1. For the Eleanor and Park literary analysis essay I believe I deserve a B+. because of my in depth analysis of the insecurities and body issues that run throughout the book. All through the book we see Eleanor’s insecurities the most, so much so, that the people surrounding her- like the school counselor and Park notice it. However, what wasn’t shown at a deeper length was Parks insecurities, it is a subject that is lightly touched or commented on when it comes to Park’s point of view and a subject that I explored at a deeper level.
    What I struggled with the most was getting started, although I enjoyed the book greatly, getting started on writing an essay is something that I tend to always have some difficulty with because of the fact that I have a lot of ideas in my mind on the book that getting them all out there and on paper sometimes turns into a big mess of different scribbled out sentences that don’t make much sense when put together. In the end I reread and eliminate the ideas/sentences that I don’t think would fit into my essay or make much of a case for my topic and I then proceed to start on my outline.
    Within the essay I believe I did well with the in text citations due to the fact that all throughout this class we have been covering that and perfecting the citations. I also think that I did well on describing the situations or different events and why they related to my topic.
    And that is the reason why I believe I deserve a B.


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