What’s the first brand you think of when someone tells you to think of pants? Or shoes? Chances are you thought of Levis or Nike. Now think soda! Without a doubt you thought Coca Cola! Coca Cola is the strongest brand around. You can immediately taste the crisp burn of Coca Cola the moment you see the ad. It’s no surprise each day 1.2 billion people around the world have a Coca Cola product. The brand communicates emotion through iconography, wit, and bold design. The simplicity in design shows confidence, that they don’t need to sell themselves to you, they just simply say “Enjoy Coke” in bright red bold letters. Aside from bold design Coca Cola advertises with humor showing their light hearted side. Their most recent campaign is personalizing each coke bottle with a name. So if I see a bottle saying “share a coke with Kyle” I can personally give a coke to my friend Kyle. Which is both funny and entertaining. This type of interactive behavior between the company and the consumer makes Coca Cola stand out from the competition.