Lupe Rodriguez

English 1a

Professor Ramos

Feb 2, 2017


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Playing soccer

My sophomore year I had made it to the varsity soccer team for A.B Miller High school. I had this excitement in me that I couldn’t hide my smile only because I was barely a sophomore. When I started practicing I started to feel sick when I would come out of practice I felt weak, shortness of breath, and dizzy. So I knew it wasn’t normal because I had played soccer my whole life. I didn’t put much in consideration to it because I assumed it was just exhaustion. We had to get prepared for the season. I had a talk with my mom about a chest pain I kept feeling. She insisted to go to the doctors. We were at Kaiser Permanente on a Friday night right after practice. I was annoyed because I felt like my mom was overacting and I was too. The wait was so long. Finally, a nurse called me up and asked, “how were we doing?” My mom responded worried and explained to her, “I need you to check her heart. She’s been getting symptoms.” The nursed stared at us like if we were joking or as if it wasn’t anything.

Doctor Parker who has had been my doctor of serval year approached us and asked, “take deep breaths and I looked at him thinking to my head, this doctor knows I’m fine.” My mom insisted to tell her if he had found anything was wrong with me. He nodded his head and said, “sweetie, your heart skips a beat. That isn’t normal at all.” I started laughing because I assumed I was normal but when I take breath my heart stops and starts beating again. I thought doctor Parker was insane. My mom having tears running through her face. As my mom yelled saying, “I want more test done.” As doctor Parker said. “we have to figure out what’s causes this or what’s really wrong with her?” I looked at him disappointed because as a doctor shouldn’t he know right away what’s the problem but I knew I had a rough situation coming towards my way. I got schedule for the next day to come get tested.

We left Kaiser and my mom didn’t talk at all on our way home. As we arrived my dad, sister, brother were sitting down in the kitchen table. Looking at us like if someone had died.  I had assumed my mom was going to make us dinner on a Friday night, after finding out I could have a heart condition. My dad came up to me and said, “heart conditions run in my family and I would’ve never thought my little girl would get it. I’m sorry” I explained to him anything could happen to anyone when you least expect it but he started to cry. I knew there that what I had was no joke, I thought I was going to die.

My brother approached me with a big hug and his eyes watery. He mentioned, “my job was to protect you and watch out for you when you had your games but instead I didn’t pay attention.” I explained, this situation doesn’t have to deal with anyone it just happened and now we must accept it that it is there. Although I knew I had to go back the next day for my chest x-rays but I was being positive. As my sister approached me a tight hug couldn’t hold her tears. I explained to them, “everything is going to fine even though I was in fear, we have to stay positive.”

That Saturday morning both my parents took me to Kaiser Permanente. I was calm ready to get examined and the doctor said. “I hope I’m wrong.” Hours and hours kept passing by it took a while to get my results back so we waited and visited my aunt that worked at Kaiser. My mom told my dad “I don’t think I’m strong enough to know these results or if her life could change.” My dad just silent. As the doctor walks towards us looking at us devastated and said, “let’s go to my office and see what we’ve found.” I was diagnosed with a heart condition called, “small heart syndrome and the problem of my heart skipping a beat.” My dad looked at my mom and said, “ I’m going to be there for her through it all, don’t you worry, our daughter will be okay in no time.” My mom smiled and cried, as the doctor explained, that I would have to go to the doctors once a week, had to watch my eating habits and to always take things slow. That meant no more playing sports because my heart would not resist. I wasn’t ready for this journey. My heart was shattered into pieces because all I wanted was to play soccer varsity. It was crazy to imagine that I was fine this mu whole life and in a matter of seconds it completely changed.

As the weeks kept passing by, I started to get more depressed. I wasn’t eating or leaving my room just wanting to sleep and sleep. The worst part was receiving these news during Christmas break. I didn’t want this life for me, I wanted to play sports again but my dad gave me this motivation that whatever life had faced us we were going to overcome it. During that time, I didn’t understand why my dad was such a great help through this journey but it lifted me up into a different person with a smile on my face, waking up ready for each day to come and show I was strong. My dad stopped working for 3 months for me to recover from this awful news and to go with me to every doctor’s appointment. He was there every step of the way and never stopped taking care of me. I started to go to the doctors twice a week. I had to get ultrasounds on my heart, had to run a treadmill to see if my heart would stop skipping a beat. I saw my dad in so much pain looking down ready to hit his breaking point because I couldn’t keep up with the running, exhaustion, and needles. Everyone in the doctors said, “I got the toughness from my dad.” He never gave up on me and continued to finish that awful experience.

My dad taught me that when things get tough he wouldn’t walk away, even if it wasn’t easy but with time things would get better. To always have faith. As I recovered, those 3 months later I learned that life was beautiful and that I was no different than another person. People didn’t have to know my situation. All I had to do was keep moving forward and watch out for my heart. I saw my dad as a goddess because if it weren’t for him I would’ve just let myself fall apart.