Both of my parents have taught me so much in my life but I’d have to choose my dad as my biggest literacy sponsor in my life. As long as I can remember my dad was always the one to teach me everything I wanted to know as far as riding a bicycle and driving a car for the first time. My dad always wanted me to learn new sports, he’d take me to the park and spend all day teaching me how to play tennis because that was the sport I really wanted to play when I was little. He was the first one to teach me how to drive a car, which is a huge learning experience in everyone’s life. I could always count on him to take me to the park and play tennis with me or just for a bike ride. Now that I am older he has really helped me mature and continues to help me through adulthood and teach me his ways. He’s always been my rock in life and has been the one to be good at everything the does or try and I’m so thankful to have someone like that in my life I can look up to and count on to teach me and show me new things. My mom taught me a lot in life too which made it really hard to choose who I wanted to pick as my biggest literacy sponsor. Both my parents I couldn’t thank enough for teaching me so many life lessons. My dad always took the time to teach me anything I wanted which is why he’s the biggest literacy sponsor in my life.

My first reason my dad is my biggest literacy sponsor is because at such a young age he taught me how to ride a bicycle. He would spend so much time with me at the park across the street from our house at the time. My dad surprised me with my first bike with training wheels on it, and it was all pink. I remember my dad being very patient with me and understanding, he knew I could do it which made me want to learn it even more . It was a great bonding experience with my dad because I loved spending time with him as much as I could as a little girl. He was always so good at everything he did so I looked up to him and listened to everything he had to say. My favorite sport growing up was tennis because I always went with my brother and my dad to watch them play together as I was growing up. I was too little to be able to play with them so I would usually just try to collect all the balls for them and just watch them play all night. I really looked up to both of them because I noticed how encouraged they were to be able to hit the ball in time and make sure it went over the net. I wanted to be feel passionate about a sport like they did. Finally, when I got to a good age my dad bought me my first pink tennis racket. It was so light and small it was perfect for my age and easy to hold. I started to go out with them at night and I started off slow just practicing trying to pay attention to the ball so I could hit it with my racket and make sure it went over the net. I can still remember him screaming at me, “Alexa keep your eye on the ball!” Eventually my dad got me my own personal coach because I became really passionate about it and it was all I ever wanted to do on my spare time.

When I hit the age of 15 I started taking my driver’s ed classes which were 4 hours once a week. It was so draining sitting a class for 4 hours. My dad always helped me study for my permit test that I could take at the age of 15 and a half. I got 100 percent on my permit test the first time taking it and it was all cause of my dad he really made me study for it and would test me. As soon as I could get behind the wheel My dad let me drive everywhere, he would yell at me a lot saying “slow down!” or “don’t get too close behind cars” but I knew driving was a huge deal because you are putting your life and everybody else at risk. My dad was the only one to help me and took the time out of his day to help me no matter how tired he was from work, he’d pick me up from school and let me drive him everywhere he needed to go. Because of him I passed my drivers license test and I couldn’t thank him enough because I wouldn’t have been able to do it without him, he was the only one who actually let me practice.
Now that I’m older and have a job my parents make me pay for things on my own, for example my gas, food, clothes etc. At first I hated it because I was so used to my dad always being there for me and helping me buy things I needed or always putting gas in my car for me. He taught me how to really save my money, he brought me to the bank to open up a checking account and savings. Opening a savings was the best decision I could’ve ever made. My dad was the only one to help me finance my money and encourage me to save for emergencies in case I ever needed it. Lately I’ve been trying to save for a car because I want to be able to pay for my own things and have that responsibility. I really look up to my dad because he’s always been really good with his money and saving. He told me what to do and made sure in the beginning the first couple months that I wasn’t spending money on things I shouldn’t have and was putting money to side for a new car. Now thanks to my dad I made it the amount he told me too so he would help me buy my own car but I would pay for it all on my own. I wanted my own car so bad, I feel like a new person driving in my car, I couldn’t be any happier.

I had to choose my dad because there’s no possible way I could ever thank him enough for everything he has done for me and for staying up so late at the park with me because I wanted to stay there all night playing tennis with him. He always took the time to really teach me how to do things and he was always so good at it whatever it was. No matter how tired he was from work he’d still want to get up and play with me at the park. Now that I’m older he helps me save my money and reminds me not spend it on pointless things. I will always look up to my dad, I wish I could be as good as him at everything he does, but at least I have to help me and teach me. My father will always be my biggest supporter and I know I can count on him to teach me new things and help me through adulthood. I love the relationship I have with my dad I can tell him anything and I know he wouldn’t judge me or he’d help me through it. I’m very thankful to have been given a dad who is caring, funny, and one of my best friends. He is the warm sunshine following my rainy days.