Automotive Motivation

My interest in automobiles and motorcycles grew because my dad and uncle were always working on either cars or motorcycles. Mainly my Uncle because my dad was always at work. They didn’t learn about cars and how to fix them just because they wanted to is because they had too. But on the other hand I wanted to learn, I never really got around to learning on how to fix a car or motorcycle how they did, but I did want to learn how they worked. From the chassis design, to the mechanics. It was really interesting to me because I am always curious of how things work. I decided to learn how to by asking my dad and uncle but I usually used the internet, I would browse popular and credible forums.

I guess It started when I went over to my cousin’s house when I was 8 years old. I saw my uncle working on their motorcycles I was intrigued because he had all these tools And I wondered why he needed so many. So I asked “Uncle, why do you have so many tools and how do you know which ones to use?”  then he said “ Because there is multitude of parts that require different screws and such, then I use matching screwdriver or wrench, depending on what I want to remove or add.” I was always interested in complex things so I decided to start learning more.

The next time I went over to my uncle’s house I ask him if he could teach me how to repair some parts on one of the dirt bikes. The first he taught me how to replace the chain. He brought out the tools that were needed to take off the chain and put it back on. He first showed me the master link on the chain and told me that’s how you are able to take off the chain by taking that off. He got a Small Phillips screwdriver and a hammer, Then he told me on the last link where to hit it so the lock pops off of it. Then I started to slowly take off the lock  and eventually it popped off. So what I learned from that was how to replace a chain but especially learning that’s something  that looks so complicated it is really easy to fix. But I wanted more of a challenge.

So then one day my uncle taught me how to completely change the engine oil. Cheaper the smaller motorcycle which had a 125 cc engine. Like always he brought out the tools are needed for the job and then he would guide me through step by step. First we have to drop the engine but since I was  only nine years old at that time the engine basically weighed half as much as me about 45 to 60 pounds. So what I did was remove all the screws to be able to remove the engine from the frame of the bike. Then after we got the engine out, he showed me where the port was that allowed the oil to empty out of. That process took a long time because the oil would come out really slowly and then once it was empty we refilled it with the required amount.

What I learned from those experiences is the a lot of hard work is required for some of the simplest things. Also nearly everything has a learning process that is most definitely required to be able to perform the task successfully. I wasn’t such a patient kid at that time, so you could imagine how bored I was waiting for the oil to flush out.

Eventually over the years I started to learn how to repair more and  more things but then it made me curious how exactly everything works together.Usually everything has an ecosystem in the mechanical world because for example You can’t use a car without gasoline, well at least to its full potential. Then when I was about 14 years old I did my research on the internet about how everything in a car or more cycle works together to function correctly. I decided on motorcycles because they’re more compact you can usually expect them to be quite a bit more straightforward on how they function.

So starting on motorcycles color on the basic side of things and they just consist of an engine, two wheels, brakes, handle bars, suspension, and lights.But taking more complicated motorcycles can consist of shock absorbers, suspension, brake levers, clutch, exhaust, fenders, fairings, swing arm, shift lever, and either a kick start or electric start. So I decided to start learning what different parts are in a motorcycle and decide to learn what each and every one does. First I learned what made up the engine and then if there are different types.

The first thing I learned was that was two different types of engines for motorcycle, a V-Twin and inline four. Also the way that they are such as some engines are carbureted or fuel injected. I learned the differences of a V-Twin and Inline four. Then things become more perplexed down to how the pistons worked in both different engines and how they affect the performance of a motorcycles.

The passion for me learning the mechanics kept growing everyday that I learned new things and especially learning how systems got more complex. Even though i was really interested in the Mechanics I decided to learn about the body work of cars and motorcycles, since always seeing and wondering why all cars look different and how they are different. The learning process was simple but there is too much to describe in detail, But I can assure you that I enjoyed it because it made me see cars and motorcycles in a different way. Overall I really thank my dad and uncle for being able to teach me these things because they helped me In learning which it built my passion for the Automotive World.