Updated the syllabus with a pdf version that looks nice. Check it out under the 1A Syllabus page

Grading Rubric

The grading rubric for the Narrative will use six criteria for scoring. 0 to 3 scale. 

Use of Literacy
Narrative structure/ Organization
Use of Dialogue
Use of Images
Effective Title
Grammar/Spelling/ Word Count


Read and comment on at least two other Literacy Narratives. Read and respond as a reader/peer. Be helpful and don’t be mean. 


Reflect on your own literacy narrative. Answer these questions.

  1. What did you do well? Explain.
  2. What did you struggle with? Explain.
  3. What grade do you think you deserve and why? Justify your answer. 

Only answer question three when you are ready for grading. Once I see your comment with the answer to question three, I will grade your work. You have until class time Tuesday to revise and post your reflection. 


  1. Revise and post final draft. You should have a complete draft posted by today to get credit. You have until Tuesday to finish revising. 
  2. Post reflection as a comment to your own literacy narrative. 
  3. Read Chapter 19
  4. Read Wilcox p. 39

We are moving on to reports. Have a good weekend everyone.