Like Mother, Like Daughter

I’ve had many literary sponsors throughout my life, yet the one who has impacted me the most in life would be my mother. She has taught me so much in life and has shown me so much. Especially with her being a single mom, growing up she played both parent roles, mother and father. My mom intentionally showed me how to love others and to give respect. She has an uncanny ability to look and make the best of every situation. She loves very deeply and has unconditional love that has became a part of who I am today.  

My parents got a divorce when I was 3, and my mother got full support over me. Growing up, it was just my mom in my life. It was hard at times, especially in elementary school on Fathers Day. We would have to write letters to our fathers and I would always write them to my mom. Also we would always have father breakfasts, where the fathers would come and eat breakfast with the kids in class. I remember one father breakfast like it was yesterday, I was the only student that did not have a dad there. It was very hard for me when I was younger. Through this, my mom always taught me that you can do anything no matter what the gender role is. She would always do her best to always keep me happy with the fact of not having a father in my life.

My mother also taught me how to drive a car and as well as change oil, brakes, and tires on a car. Usually in many of these cases, the father teaches their kids these things, but in my case my mother taught me. She knows a lot about cars, more than the average man knows. While my mom was growing up, her father taught her a lot about cars. So she passed that knowledge down to me. I am very thankful for that.

Cooking was a big deal to my mother and I while growing up. Every night, there would be a big dinner on the table that my mother made. She has taught me so many recipes in my life that we always make all the time. My mother and I have even made a recipe book that has both of our favorite cooking recipes. We started the book about three years ago, and we are still adding to this day. The cook book means so much to both of us, and will definitely be passed down to my kids. My mother has taught me so much about cooking in my life and it plays a very big role, because cooking means so much to both my mother and I.

Getting older, ‘onward and upward’ was my moms go-to word for any disappointment situation that she had to over come. My mom had many letdowns in her life and when she had to deal with them she would always say in a nubby and happy voice, “Well, Onward and Upward it goes.” Now, looking back at that little phrase, it had so many life lessons behind it. Failure, disappointment, bad luck, injuries and most every other bad thing was not the end of the final outcome, as long as you got back in the game and tried your best to move beyond and go above and beyond that particular trouble.

My mom has taught me so many life lessons while growing up, that I will cherish with me till the end of my time. Not only has she taught me ‘Onward and Upward’, but she also showed me that she had unconditional love for me, and has shown me to love others for who they are. My mom always made me feel special and loved, and always made sure that I never thought that her love for me wasn’t based off my achievements in life or my performance in school. She had unconditional love for me at all times, and that is was unconditional love is all about. She also while growing up, would always tell me that my dreams will always come true. My Mom made sure that Disney was a big part of my childhood. I can still hear Jiminy Cricket singing in my head, “When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true.” My mom would always let me throw a penny in a fountain if we saw one. If we saw a star in the sky my mother would always sing to me Twinkle Twinkle Little star. As well as, on every birthday, my mom would always tell me to “make a wish” while blowing out my candles. Mostly I always wished for materialistic things because I was young and wanted everything I saw. But now i wish for a better life for everyone. My mom made sure that know I believe that my dreams will always come true if I put enough effort Into what I want.

Growing up, we fell in the middle class range. Not rich, not poor, just right in between. My mom always liked the simple things in life, she was never all about materialistic things. The little things always meant the most to her. As long as you have what you need to get through your day and life, then you have what you need to be successful. She always taught me that. And I greatly appreciate it. Even today, I am honestly pretty ‘stingy’ with my money, i’ll never buy anything really expensive unless if I really need it. I am that way because of my mother.

Being the bigger person, in any situation, was something my mom always taught me. Never let anyone ever take advantage of myself, or see anyone getting taken advantage from. Being a role model is the greatest thing you could be to someone, and if you have the chance to be the role model, be it. Sometimes this could mean being the bigger person. Other times, this means being the friend you want in others. Occasionally, this just means mean paving the way for someone in life. Either way, my Mom was quick to remind me when I need to set the example, then set the example for anyone, even if it means setting the example for yourself. It’s easy to complain about a situation or a person, but it’s more effective to change or be the change you want to see in the world. My mom says this to me all the time, and I really mean all the time. With how the world and our society is going right now, especially with bullying and other topics like that issue, being the bigger person is key into succeeding in life.

My mom has always and will continue to teach me new things every single day. My mom is everything to me, now that I am getting older and stepping into adulthood, she is one of my best friends. My mother and I are like two peas in a pod. She is non judgmental, has unconditional love and someone I can always lean on & I know will love me the same. I learn from her every single day. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for my loving and devoted mother.