Rolling down the hill

Growing up I’ve always wanted to learn how to drive. When I turned seventeen my dad said if I get my permit he can teach me how to drive. So I tried my best and I study a lot so I can pass my permit test I went on YouTube to look up the answers that was similar on the test and read the whole book. when I first made my appointment I felt like I was ready for it. When I walked in and I took my test I felt so nervous and anxious, after when I completed the whole test I failed my first time and I was so disappointed I really thought I was going to pass it. when I went home I study some more and I knew I was going to pass the second time, I had so much confident in myself so I made a second appointment I even walked in confident and I was being positive towards myself because I knew negativity would bring me down. As I was taking the test I got all of them right and I was so excited knowing that I passed my permit.

The next day me and my dad were sitting in his white Hyundai sonata, he taught me all the basics stuff I needed to know such as; learning my gears, using the signals, and how to use the emergency break and driving with cautions. He then allowed me to drive around the neighborhood and fix all the mistakes I would make. I was really nervous that I would make really sharp turns and brake on the pedal to hard. My dad would make remarks and it would get me frustrated and made me fix all my mistakes and get it right. After all the corrections, I felt more confident driving around the streets. Although I was still a little rusty driving, there was this one time when I was about to park in my driveway and I accidentally pressed on the gas when I was supposed to press on the brake. I almost crashed into my house and luckily, my dad was right there next to me and he quickly pulled on the emergency brake. After that I felt terrified, I felt like I didn’t want to drive anymore. My dad said it was okay because we all make mistakes when we drive. As I was driving, I felt more caution and more careful, the more I drove the more I got use to driving. I would drive every day to feel comfortable without having to worry about driving alone. When I felt more comfortable driving by myself I felt ready to take my driver’s test. When I made the appointment, I felt so confident in myself. When I took the driver’s test I did make little bit of mistakes but it wasn’t as bad. After I finished driving around the block as I was parking the lady was going over some stuff that I needed to fix and she said I passed. I was so excited, after I decided that I wanted to buy a used car.

When I was coming home from school, I saw a beautiful car that caught my attention. It was a 200 Volkswagen grey beetle. The owner of the car let me check it out and I saw that it was stick shift car. It was only two thousand dollars, which it was not so bad. I wanted to learn something new and I really wanted that car. Therefore, I bought the car and I felt like I had to start all over again on learning the gears and how to use both feet with the pedals. My dad was teaching me how to drive on first gear and how to handle the clutch, it was so difficult for me I kept stalling and I got so frustrated that I couldn’t do it anymore. He kept explaining it to me I was focusing on how he was showing me to drive on first gear, when I tried it again I finally got it. He was showing me when to switch to second, third, and fourth. I would only drive around the neighborhood as I got the hang of it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. When I felt more confident driving around by myself there was a point when I was driving up the hill from Chaffey college parking lot and I didn’t get to second gear on time and everything just stopped. I was so afraid that I was going to bump into a car behind me because my car was just rolling down the hill, I even put the emergency break and for some reason it was still rolling so I quickly turned off my car and turned it back on. I left as soon as I can, instead of going back up the hill I went all the way around because I was paranoid to go back up that hill. I told my dad the story and he said that he was going to take me back to the parking lot to teach me to go up the hill. So we went on the weekend and he was showing me every step on how to go up the hill. I was so afraid to go up the hill again because it was embarrassing when I stalled, But he pushed me and he was telling me that I need to learn and fix my mistake because if I was ever stuck in that situation again I can’t just stay there I need to get past through it. As I was driving up the hill, he was telling me when to switch my gears I kept going and I finally got it I was so happy that I got past through it. When I finally got to the top I knew that I can drive anywhere by myself without having to be worried. After fixing all my mistakes, I would like to say I am a pretty good driver.