Growing up in a small middle class family I always thought to myself that I could do anything I put my mind too. Not only because that’s how my parents raised me but because of the struggles my family has been through, but as time went on it all worked out and everything was okay. I had just turned sixteen years old and that’s when it all got ugly, It was time for me to look for a job. It’s crazy to think that you will never stop working until the day you retire until now and that’s something I still think about everyday. After many interviews at your local fast food restaurants and retail stores I got no calls back. This really made me insecure about my social skills and inability to find a decent job.

As I was driving home from school I stopped by my local In-N-Out. I had forgotten I submitted an application a few weeks ago at that exact store so It was time for me to grow a pair and ask for an interview in person. I got out of my car, my hands were sweaty and I felt like I had to puke. After minutes of waiting for the manager at the time, I asked about my application and he gave me an interview on the spot. I had never been so unready for something in my entire life and i’m a very organized young man, and to make it worse I was wearing my favorite band t shirt with a raggedy flannel and vans. That entire week was filled with anxiety, I kept my phone by my side at all times waiting for that call back. It was a normal day at school and my phone rang it was the manager and he called me in for a second interview. I had never felt so happy in my entire life, sad to say I actually felt needed. The next day I killed the interview and they hired me, till this day I’m still really thankful and i’m glad I grew a pair to walk in and face a fear every human has to go through to get a job and make a living.

As of today i’ve been working for this wonderful company for about 11 months and it’s done nothing but teach me how to be responsible, diligent, and most importantly, loving. Everyone that manages and works for the store is very caring and we all get along like a family. That’s what I love about coming to work every day, it feels like a home i’ve never had. Most people would say working in fast food is easy but that is not the case at In-N-Out Burger. We raise the bar at our store and it is one of the most busiest ones in the entire company. Everyone is expected to do there job at a fast pace and provide the most quality food there is at the same time as having a positive attitude. I can’t name one fast food restaurant that provides speed, quality, and friendliness other than In-N-Out. It was about time for me to start preparing food and I started off with french fries. I really wanted to push myself and get my raise at work and it was my time to work hard for it. Our fries aren’t frozen so we actually have to clean, peel, and dice our own potatoes. It all sounds easy but it really isn’t because there’s a lot more to it than just “making fries”. My first day on fries I couldn’t stop shaking and all of the fries were going everywhere except the bag. I then started to feel that feeling of insecurity and failure when my coworkers were getting frustrated with me because of how slow I was.

After many shifts of getting kicked off fries I was tired of feeling like a failure and I knew if I took the initiative to seek help I would gain knowledge on how to become the best. That was when my 3rd manager Connor came along, I wish I could explain this man in one word but I can’t. Not only is he very outgoing, humorous, and ambitious. But he’s a leader, and a leader is someone to look up too when you are having troubles with something you can’t fix yourself. Connor gave me multiple “quick checks” which is basically feedback on how you’re doing on the position your training in. Every time we talked in the office he would give me tips on how to become an efficient fry guy. Hearing him tell me “The biggest mistake you could ever make is being too afraid to make one.” Helped me so much because i’ve never had someone so motivating in my life to push me further than I already am. There’s a lot more than just putting a fry in a bag and giving it to a customer. You need to take pride in your french fries and serve the customers something you would want to pay for. The first tip he taught me was to serve the hottest fry with no delay, he then showed me how to be quicker with my hands, after that he taught me how to stay ahead, and lastly how to be more vocal and having good use of communication. This is something I still have trouble with but i’m working on it day by day every time I work fries.

Having someone like Connor really helped me become more confident in what I do, not only at my job but in life as well. You’re always going to get kicked down but if you put your mind to something and seek help you can make yourself do anything you’re having trouble with. As of today, I have my raise and I am now almost ready to start working on my next which is preparing the burgers. I can’t wait to learn something new and after facing that challenge I had a month ago, i’m ready to face this one with no fear or anxiety because I know now that I could do anything I set my mind to.