Untold Secrets of Adulting
There comes a point in everyone’s life where one needs to grow up and leave the nest. They begin what is known in today society as adulting, adulting means living on one’s own, paying bills, cooking your own food, anything a kid doesn’t need to do on a normal basis. I began my adulting learning process on June 23, 2016 this marks the day I left my parents and moved into my first apartment. My own apartment with the dark wood cabinet’s, hard wood floor, and garnet counter top it was all mine. The freedom I had that came with my own apartment no rules do whatever whenever, no curfew, I could do whatever I wanted the possibilities were endless. Leaving my parents at first seemed to be the best idea that I had ever come up with until the realization of being an adult isn’t all partying and no rules. I never really considered all the small details that it takes to run a household money, cooking, and cleaning those are the main factors to running a functioning household. This is how my adulting learning experience began.

A few weeks after the magic of having freedom wears off, you begin to realize that with all that fun you’ve been experiencing lately reality is still reality. Bills are in the near future; remembering when each individual bill is due and by all means having the money to pay those bills are just one of the downfalls of having your own place. A strategy I learned for bills was to input all the bills on my calendar with the amount that’s due so there are no surprises. I also keep majority of my paycheck put aside out of view so I can make my bills or have an emergency fund if needed. I follow the saying out of sight out of mind, it’s more difficult than it sounds. Following the money issue learning to save your money and not spend it all on fast food or going out is a challenge in itself. To fix that issue I try to only eat out, or go places on the weekends. This way throughout the whole week you don’t spend money at all or if you do it’s a minimal amount. So you can save for bills but also have a life.

Now the issue of cooking, for majority of young adults they never had to cook meals for themselves. Luckily for me I grew up raising my siblings cooking, cleaning, helping with homework so cooking wasn’t as hard of a hurdle for me to overcome than it might be for someone else. The small details in cooking or food in general the ones that your mom would be able answer in a heartbeat if you asked her. Every little thing she would ramble on about the ones you thought were irrelevant well now they’re relevant. Questions like, how long does food stay good in the fridge? How long do I cook this in the Crockpot? Questions you never thought you would need to know the answer too. I still till this day Google food recipes on the Internet. Also if I’m I am unsure on how long to cook something, I call my mom and ask, she’s only a phone call away.

Cleaning, the holy Grail of issues in my opinion one of the main reasons young adults are so excited to get out of their parents’ house. They don’t have someone always nagging on them clean this, do this, you can’t go out until your room is clean and your laundry is done. Don’t get me wrong I’m a clean person in general, but it’s nice that I don’t always have to do things on someone else’s time. I can make dinner and do the dishes tomorrow instead of doing them right after we eat. Not only dishes but cleaning in general, one thing that threw me off when I first went to clean my apartment is I didn’t have all the cleaning supplies that were once readily available for me to use. I had no broom, mop, Windex, bleach, nothing except some paper towels and water.It really threw me off when I opened the cupboard and all the cleaning supplies weren’t just there because my parents bought it last week. You have to go to the store and buy all the extra items you now need because you’re living on your own. I remember a time I needed to call my mom for some cleaning advice. When I lived at my moms she would never let us drink juice or anything that wasn’t clear anywhere but the dinning room table, because she didn’t want stains on her carpet.Which was really upsetting as little kid but I soon realized why she made that rule.One night I bought some fruit punch and decided to pour a glass for my boyfriend and I, we walked into the room and our dog jumped on my boyfriend making some of his bright red juice fall on the carpet. As soon as I saw the drop hit the white carpet, I felt my face turn pale. Getting a stain out of a white carpet is hard enough let alone a red stain. I ran and grabbed the phone called my mom as fast as my fingers could dial.As soon as I heard the words hello I said “mom so remember how you never let us drink juice in the living room”. She said” Yes , what did you do know”. I explained what happened of course she said “I told you so, no one ever listens to mom”. she explained what I should do to get the stain out and after all was well.

So throughout this whole experience I have learned that money is a lot harder to save then your parents make it look. I try to have self-control and not eat out often or buy unnecessary items in my opinion the hardest thing to learn is how to budget money I find it useful to write all my expense down in a book and then write down how much money I make in tips each night to ensure that I have enough for all my bills. For cooking I have learned to write down the recipes I enjoy most so I don’t always have to Google how to cook something and if I have a question and I call my mom I write down the answer so I don’t have to keep calling her for the same question over and over again. Another factor that plays in the cooking is the part where you actually have to cook. You need to have self-control on the whole eating out factor. Go to the grocery store buy actual non-processed food and cook it on the stove. Which for me was a little harder to do just because of my work schedule I get out so late I’m usually exhausted and don’t want to cook but then the money issue comes, where you spend 10+ dollars on food every day and now you’re broke. Lastly cleaning even though you don’t have someone constantly nagging you to clean your place, you should still keep it clean. Don’t let your house become a pigsty. I appreciate a clean clutter free house as much as every parent in the world but doing it on my own time is definitely a plus.

In conclusion I believe that my whole adulting lessons were more of sudden shocks. Oh my so you’re telling me that all the stuff in the cupboard that I would use every once in a blue moon you actually need and it doesn’t come with you when you move. Having small realizations and learning ways to work with problems rather than just throw them to the side is in my mind is being an adult. Having my family and the internet has definitely played a big role in how I learned to become an adult. My family has given me all these tips on bills, money, cooking, cleaning possibly ever tiny aspect of adult life they threw in there two sense. Although I have become in my opinion a better adult then when I started my adulting process, I still have a lot to learn. No more mommy and daddy to pay your bills, cook your dinner, or provide all the cleaning supplies.