Jaime Rodriguez

Professor Ramos

English 1A

21 January 2017

                                                                   Like Father Like Son

            Since the age of 15 I’ve always told myself I want to be as busy as a bee. I told myself when I’m done with high school I’ll get a job so I can by my own belongings and not have to wait on anyone else to get them for me. Growing up as a low-income family and living from apartment to apartment was the lifestyle I didn’t want my family to live. I told myself from day to day I want to get a satisfactory job so I can provide for my family and give them the lifestyle they deserve.

            Life is too short to long for money, but the sad part is many things come with price tag especially the cost of living. We were a low-income family and still are. During my junior year of high school, we had to split the family apart to save money. My dad, his wife, and my step brother had to find an apartment in San Bernardino. My aunt and grandma had to find an apartment also. They ended up staying close to my school so I wouldn’t have to change schools and not have to travel a long distance to get to school. My father and his family eventually rented a house in Claremont, which is where I stay at now. My grandma also lives with my dad. My aunt ended up getting her own place, which was a condominium in Chino Hills. We all still talk to one another which is great. Were a strong family. The only problem we’ve ever encountered is having a satisfying source of income.

            Being the age of 16 and going on to 17 and seeing your family struggle from time to time isn’t what you want to see. You want to be able to live and be struggle free and see everyone happy. We were a happy family but we had issues which was always worrying if we can pay the bills on time. We’ve always managed too and we still do. Sometimes we struggle but that’s okay. Everyone struggles from time to time. We still struggle to this day, but were doing much better than what we used to be.  We all have jobs now which is great because now we have a steady income. We also live in a house, which is rented but having a house is much better. We have space to move around and we have our own front and backyard. It was great seeing my dad and stepmom achieve one of their dreams of living in a house. They had so much joy since the struggles they went through just to rent off a house was worth it.

            Time flew by and I ended up graduating high school. From there I had a couple of months off before I needed to go to college. It finally struck me, I have a couple of months off so now is the perfect time to get a job. The thought of getting a job flew over my head. I was focused on graduating school that one of my goals in life flew over my head. Having the goal of getting a job wasn’t only a goal. I felt like it was something I needed to do. Me getting a job not only meant I could buy whatever I wanted, but it also meant I could help my family. My aunt had the perfect starting job in mind for me.

            My aunt works at a Ford car dealership in Puente Hills. Over the couple of months, I had free before I had to attend college she offered me a job there. I took the job because whatever money I could get I will take. At the time, she told me I had about some 2 weeks before I officially get the job. I wasn’t mentally prepared to get a job yet. As much as I wanted to get a job I got extremely nervous just thinking about it. I always thought to myself what if im not beyond their expectations at the position they give me. Thinking about the people I would work with was nerve racking as well. It’s not because I didn’t like working with other people or because I get nervous meeting new people. It was rather them judging me or them gossiping about how I work or dress. I was never afraid of getting a job. It was just me being nervous. I quickly got over that, and I had my father to thank for that.

            My father is as hardworking as an ant and will always continue to be. He is the one who shaped me to be the man I am today. I truly appreciate the work he does for our whole family. He is the one who really introduced me to the “adult” world. When I wanted to apply for a job I felt like I wasn’t going to perform well or exceed the employer’s expectations. Having the self-confidence to a job you’ve never had experience in really lowers your self-esteem. My father really taught me how to overcome these emotions I had when applying for a job. Every time I apply for a new job I have to have a conversation with my father because he helps me overcome whichever “fear” I have. He makes me learn and understand the fact that it’s a new job you’re applying for. Most of the time he tells me “they’ll show you what you need to do before you go out and do the job.”

            Having a hard-working father that supports you even if you fail is a great feeling. He taught me even if you fail at a job you still gained experience from it and from there the experience I get I can use towards another job. Now whichever job I apply for I will be ready for. I still have to have a conversation with my father before I actually get the job because he motivates me to do better in whatever I do and he boosts my self-confidence. Any job I apply for I feel like I’m going to do great in even if I don’t understand what I have to do the first time I could always learn. I owe my father a million thanks for teaching me everything I know today. Without him I wouldn’t be the man I am today.