Due Today: Research Question(s)


Chapter 2, Report. Focus for today is 1. Structure p. 52 and 2. Style and Design p. 57.

Chapter 42, Summarizing Sources. Why are summaries important? Where or how should you use summary in the report?

Chapter 43, Paraphrasing Sources. What are some reasons to use paraphrase versus summary? What is the difference between the two? What does paraphrasing help us with in the report?

Chapter 45, Documenting Sources. Why do we have to use citation? What does it accomplish? Decide on the style of citation you will use: MLA, APA, other?

Creating Structure

There are many different ways to structure a report. Decide on the final type of report you will be writing and we can begin to outline the structure. There are as many ways to organize a report and there are types of reports. Here are some examples from your book.

  • Organize by date, time, or sequence
  • Organize by magnitude or order of importance
  • Organize by division
  • Organize by classification
  • Organize by position, location, or space
  • Organize by definition
  • Organize by comparison/contrast
  • Organize by thesis statement
  • Organize by genre (Wikipedia, Encyclopedia, News Report)

What structure do Wilcox and Grossman use in their reports?

You do not have to develop your own structure from scratch, although you can. Look at examples of the type of report you are writing to help determine the structure for your report.

Example: Look at a Wikipedia entry similar to your topic. How is it structured? What order do they present information?

Choosing Style and Design

Reports are typically written in a formal or high style. You can also use a middle style, or conversational approach. Whatever style you choose, remember that you need to remain unbiased/neutral.

Present the facts cleanly. Who, what, when, where, how, and why?

Keep out your opinion or stance on the topic/issue. 

Avoid connotative language. Use neutral, clear, unbiased language for your report to avoid influencing the issue. 

Pay attention to elements of design. If you can divide your paper into parts, use headings to present the information and help the reader find and understand your facts. 

Library Research

We have a librarian visiting us today. Be ready with your questions and research. 

Find a source to use in your research. Begin reading and annotating your source. Decide on how you are going to use the source. 

Fill out the research worksheet from last week. What do you still need to research?

Quick Write

  1. What is the purpose of research?
  2. Why is it important to use citation?
  3. How would you feel if your ideas or work were used without giving your credit?



  • Read Chapter 24, Thesis
  • Part 7, Research and Sources
  • Develop a thesis question for your essay