Due Today: List of Research Sources

Envisioning an Audience

Who is the audience that will be reading this report? One thing to consider when writing in any genre, is to consider who the audience is going to be. Every genre can and will have a different audience that needs to be addressed when writing. What is this person looking for?

We are going to draw an ideal audience member. This can be a real person you know (friend, relative, classmate), or be fictional. Decide who you want to focus on, and then draw a picture of them. Give them a name. 

Create a speech bubble and write the things that they will be looking for in your report.

“I want to see . . .”

“I want to hear about . . .”

“I need you to explain . . .”

Keep this image in front of you as you begin to write to help you imagine who you are writing too. 

Research Sources

Everyone should have their five sources by now. Finish filling out the research sheet with all the information. 

You should also have read and annotated the research you have. Remember, three must be Scholarly sources (peer reviewed). 

Quick Write (10 mins)

  1. List your five research sources and their reliability. (Scholarly, Website, Book, etc.)
  2. Who is your audience member? What do they want to know?


  1. Read Chapter 11, Annotated Bibliographies
  2. Create an annotated bibliography that reports on the usefulness and reliability of your list of sources
  3. Use MLA or APA style