Having a child is often considered a delightful experience with never-ending rewards, but not everyone thinks the same way. Every day, many females are having a procedure done called an abortion. In this procedure, the pregnancy is ended. Many women are not prepared for a baby and see abortion as a way out. This procedure was legalized in the 1973 Supreme Court cases of Roe vs. Wade, and Doe vs. Boston. According to Harvard Health, since then, “each year approximately 1.2 million women in the United States choose to end pregnancy. Other terms for an abortion include elective abortion, induced abortion, termination of pregnancy, and therapeutic abortion” (Abortion Termination of Pregnancy).

 Abortion is a great issue in today’s society and will most definitely be further discussed and brought to a conclusion on whether this action should be tolerable in society as being legal or directly stopped through an imposed law by the courts. Abortion is a divided issue with many causes and fluctuating rates.

One subject in society that is significantly discussed is abortion. The discussions are basically divided into ‘Pro-Life’ and ‘Pro-Choice’. Pro-life supporters want abortion to be illegal and not performed anywhere. Pro-choice supporters want the choice to be up to the woman and no one else. There is no proper way to choose between the two subjects, and it is all based on what the moral values of the individual are. The book Criminal Law states that, “In a land mark 7-2 decision in 1973, the court in Roe v. Wade, supra, held that a fetus was not a ‘person’ within the meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Therefore, the fetus was not entitled to the constitutional protection of the law granted persons.” (Scheb, Scheb II)

Abortion is caused by many social, religious and economic factors. The society’s wish for ease has been a factor influencing the rates of abortion. Children and pregnancy are seen as prevention to fun and pleasure. An individual simply eliminate the pregnancy in pursuit of this pleasure. The society agrees with this situation and even encourages it by letting governments legalize abortion. The absence of respect for life is a religious factor towards encouraging abortion. People do not appreciate new life forms anymore. One would not think twice before doing an abortion. Powerful discussions have come up advising that a fetus is not a life form until it is born. These kinds of debates could simply change people’s beliefs to ignore life. Economic problems including poverty and not enough money have stimulated abortion. Many young mothers have decided to do an abortion citing the failure to take care of the child once it is born. Commonly those young girls do not have an income to support themselves end up having an abortion. According to “What Happens to Women Who Are Denied Abortions” by Lang Joshua “Having a child is expensive, and many mothers have trouble holding down a job while caring for an infant. Had the turn ways not had access to public assistance for women with newborns, they would have experienced greater hardship” (Lang).

Based on the report by Guttmacher Institute, a research group that supports legalized abortion states that, “the abortion rate in the United States fell to its lowest level since the historic Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision legalized abortion nationwide” (Mccammon). A better job is finally being done in helping women get access to birth control that’s affordable and that’s high-quality. Furthermore, there are people that believe that concerned women have the right to decide whether or not they want to abort the fetus inside their uterus, and government should not intervene with this kind of decision. Also, they believe these people are not committing murder because a fetus is not considered human until they are actually born.

On the other hand, some people believe the opposite and are not supportive of abortion. They believe having an abortion is the same as killing a living baby. Also, they believe that if women really wants to have an abortion, they should think more about the life that the baby could have, and think about how one little baby could do amazing things as they grow up, like cure cancer, end world hunger, and how a single child could make a small difference like become someone’s friend. Furthermore, “upon fertilization, a human individual is created with a unique genetic identity that remains unchanged throughout his or her life. This individual has a fundamental right to life, which must be protected” (Should Abortion Be Legal).

In addition, during the course of many years of American history, a continuous discussion has been made on finding out if abortion is good or bad to do. The people who are in favor of abortion and think is good are called abortionists and those who aren’t in favor and think it is bad are called non-abortionist. People have been debating for a very long time about abortion and they have protested intensely. In 2003, President Bush signed a law to prevent abortion procedures all over the country. The law generated a lot of disagreements and organizations like National Organization for Women opposed this law very strongly. They think it is the invasion of the rights of women. This group wants abortion to continue to be legal and available as they think that everyone has a right to choose if they want to keep the baby or abort it. Sarah McCammon says that, “In 2013, the total number of abortions nationwide fell below one million for the first time since mid-1970s”(Mccammon).

In conclusion, there are many differences of opinion in regards to abortions. This discussion will continue to go on as one of the most discussed subjects in the future and even if after a final law by the courts is imposed. Abortion is more than a choice to be made, but a baby’s life to be rescued. Many people are for the rights of women and believe truly that they must have control over their bodies; however, there are also people for the rights of the unborn baby. Unborn babies have just as much of a right to live as any other human being. There are other routes for women to consider rather than having an abortion. For example, adoption is a wonderful choice. Two people that may be incapable to conceive a baby of their own, or just want to adopt a baby, would then have that chance to be blessed with a little miracle. 

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