Eleanor & Park

We read the first 15 chapters today for class. What were some of the things that stood out to you?

Why did the author start out with the opening scene on the bus?

Characters and Themes

Lets come up with a list of characters and themes from the novel. Anything else you noticed?

Wignall Museum

We will be taking a trip to the museum today to check out the exhibits for Eleanor & Park.

To receive credit for the One Book One College Event, 1. you must attend the even and 2. comment below with what you thought about the exhibit and how it connects to the book or helps us understand it better. 


  1. Read Eleanor & Park (p. 69 – 138) up to Chapter 22.
  2. Read Introduction to our textbook (p. xix)
  3. Read Sathasivan (p. 206) and Deresiewicz (p. 187)