Lack of sleep causes many problems such as health issues, poor health, and several diseases. Sleep deprivation may lead to illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, and these conditions may lead to a shortened life expectancy. Sleep deprivation doesn’t cause these problems but it may accelerate them or make them worse. (consequences of insufficient sleep) A healthy person needs about 7-8 hours of sleep a night.  It has been reported that 48% of Americans don’t get enough sleep. It has been reported that most adults get just under 6 hours of sleep a night. With 53% being woman and 44% being men. (Centers for Disease and Control Prevention.)

    Sleep deprivation is one reason why people may gain weight faster. What happens to our body while we sleep are three things, our hormones help control appetite, energy metabolism, and glucose processing. If you get 6 hours of sleep or less your body is not letting these hormones do their job. Insufficient sleep also associates with lower levels of leptin. Leptin is a hormone in our body that lets the brain know when it has had enough food.  By disturbing the leptin hormone over eating occurs. Your body demands food even when you have had the correct amount of calories for the day. All these causes lead to obesity and the reason why people get fat with the lack of sleep. (Consequences of Insufficient Sleep.)

   High blood pressure may occur when you have had about 5 hours of sleep or less. Sleep helps regulate the stress hormones in your body as well as your nervous system. Not getting enough sleep overtime your body does not regulate stress hormones leading to high blood pressure. Another cause of high blood pressure is sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is when you stop breathing when you are sleeping. This is a sleep disorder not to get confused with not getting enough sleep. But this condition is a disorder that stops you from breathing when you are sleeping which may contribute to your lack of sleep and tiredness. (6 Health problems linked to lack of sleep.)

      In a research study, healthy participants were deprived from sleep. What they said they experienced was high levels of stress, high blood pressure, increased inflammation, and impaired control of blood glucose. (Centers for Disease and Control Prevention). Studies show that after getting sleep deprived, there are noticeable changes in the brain activity. What happens to the brain is a lower level of alertness. As well as lower capacity to concentrate, Mathematical capacity, and lack of motivation. Another well-known experiment on sleep deprivation involved a teenager called Randy Gardner who stayed awake for 11 days. He experienced hallucinations, problems with his memory, as well as speech problems. Consequences of Insufficient Sleep)

    Not everything is lost when you suffer from sleep deprivation. There are numerous techniques to help cope with lack of sleep. The first technique you can use is depriving yourself from sleep all day, so, in the night you can catch a good night rest. Another technique you can use is avoiding naps during the day. By avoiding naps during the day, you can help your body feel the need for sleep at night. Engaging in relaxing activities before going to bed might help in helping yourself falling asleep also. Exercising more during the day might also help because that way your body might not feel too energized to be up all night. One of the last resources are sleep medications, or sleeping pills. These medications help stimulate the brain in promoting sleep. These are approved by the U.S. food administration although clinical trials are needed to evaluate their long terms effects and safety.  (sleep deprivation treatment) If you suffer from sleep deprivation then you might and to start using these techniques.

   The technique that would work best is trying to not take any naps during the day so you don’t feel rested. That way your body will feel the need to get rest at night. The next resource to use would be taking sleeping medication. These medications make you fall asleep in a few minutes and you feel well rested the next day if you use them accordingly. The last technique to use is relaxation therapy. Relaxation therapy is the one I would recommend last for this technique I find to be the least effective.

   Many people suffer from sleep deprivation. The good news is that it could be treatable. Even though in the long run it can be damaging to your health you can reverse these effects with proper care. Even though insufficient sleep does not cause these problems, it has been researched that it accelerates the process. So, if you are one in the many people that suffers from this disorder it would be recommended that you seek some type of help soon.