As Park reviewed the post card Eleanor sent him he felt like he was alive again. It was not a letter but it was a post card it said three special words. Eleanor’s three words said, “Come see me.” Park couldn’t feel happier. He felt great that Eleanor finally wrote to him after so long. He thought she had forgotten all about him. He just wondered what took her so long. Park managed to set a date when he was going to go see Eleanor. When park set the date, he was on his way to see her. When he finally saw, her he hugged her tight and kissed her. Park had Eleanor in his arms once more again. And there was Eleanor hugging right back and kissing him too. They couldn’t believe they were together again. They started talking about how it has been and why didn’t she write back. She said it was because she just wanted to get herself and that it would be too painful writing to park missing him and not being able to see him. when it was time for park to leave again they made a promise to keep in touch until they have finished school, and try to see if it works out after they are stable and start a life together.

  Eleanor wrote Park those three words because she wanted to see him again. She couldn’t get him out of her head. Eleanor loved park and she knew park loved her back. Eleanor tried to write to park but it was too painful for her she attempted writing him back but she just couldn’t finish. “Dear Park, Eleanor wrote on a clean sheet of stationary.” “Dear Park, she tried to explain. “I’m sorry, she wrote, then crossed it out.” She threw the half paper -written letters away” (Rowell 319).

  Eleanor wanted to see Park because she missed him. She couldn’t get him out of her mind. She saw all these postcards and she knew Park had not forgotten about her. Until the letters stopped.” Letters, postcards, yellow padded packages that rattled in her hands, none of them opened none of them read.” “It was bad when the letters came every day. It was worse when they stopped” (Rowell 323). Eleanor hurt when the letters stopped. Why because she still loved Park. And if the letters had stopped coming Eleanor might have thought that he didn’t care anymore and that crushed her.

  She wondered if it was too late to try and write him back after almost a year. She saw parks cards, “sometimes she laid them out on the carpet like tarot cards, like Wonka Bars, and wondered whether it was too late.” But it wasn’t too late.  For true loves never dies it only gets stronger with time. Park loved her and missed her too. For when received her letter he was happy. “Park turned it over and recognized her scratchy handwriting. It filled his head with song lyrics. He sat up. He smiled. Something heavy and winged took off from his chest” (Rowell 325).

  Park never stopped thinking about Eleanor either. He thought about her constantly. How do we know that? Because he would write to her every day. He imagined he would see her on the street. He would dream about her and he would even stop by her old house just because it reminded him of her. “He kept writing her letters months after he stopped sending them.” “Park would be driving to work and see a girl with red hair standing on the street, and he’d swear for half an air less moment that it was her” (Rowell 321). “When he got sick of his bedroom, when there was nothing left in his life that smelled like vanilla- park walked by Eleanor’s house” (Rowell 317). Where Eleanor used to stay because he missed her and thought about the miraculous thought that she might be there. But he knew deep inside she wasn’t.

  Even though park met a girl by the name of Cat, when Eleanor went away, he couldn’t possibly feel anything for her. For she was the opposite of Eleanor. “She was thin and dark, and her eyes were as blue and flat as breath mints” (Rowell 324). And when he held her or kissed her it was like it didn’t even happen. “When Park held hands with Cat, it was like holding hands with a mannequin, and it was such a relief that he kissed her” (Rowell 324). When someone still holds feelings for a significant other person no one else will matter. No matter if they kiss or touch. You can never catch feelings when your heart is already taken by someone else.

  Park and Eleanor are meant for each other. They both liked similar things like comics. They knew they were meant for each other. Park knew specially. Park knew that Eleanor was the one. “When he touched Eleanor’s hand, he recognized her. He knew” (Rowell 72). He said he never felt the same for anyone. He once kissed a girl and he didn’t feel anything. “When he kissed that girl last year, with his mouth dry and his eyes mostly open, Park wondered if there was something wrong with him.” “He even wondered whether he might be gay” (Rowell 71). But he wasn’t because with Eleanor he felt different. Park had feelings he never experienced before.

  Eleanor knew Park was the one just because she was willing to go all the way with him. She felt lost in love with him. She felt safe with him. Nothing felt wrong when she was with him. Eleanor thought that, “When she is with park there is no shame with Park. Nothing is dirty. Because Park is the sun, and that’s the best way she could think to explain it” (Rowell 302). Eleanor loved everything about Park and Park loved everything about Eleanor. They understood each other and they made each other happy. That’s why they’ll end up being together getting married and keeping their word. Like when Park said, “But is up to us…” he said softly. It’s up to us not to lose this” (Rowell 305). So that’s how they’ll end up being together. Because true love is not easy, but it must be fought for.

Rowell, Rainbow. Eleanor & Park. New York: St. Martin’s Griffin, 2016. Print.