Everyone in school notices the big things that stand out, given that Eleanor is a little over weight with huge red hair, people noticed her more and wanted to pick on her. I’ve noticed that in high school especially, that nobody ever wants to pick on the rich kids who always look good or they don’t even have to be rich, as long as you look good and don’t really stand out its almost like you’re in the “clear” to not get bullied. But why does it have to be that way? Why does everyone have to be rich now a days or have to impress others just so you won’t get bullied. Everyone judges others by their appearances instead of actually getting to know that person. Social media has made such a huge impact on everyone’s live, all social media is bragging about what you do with your life, how you’re dressed, what you’re doing. I don’t understand why we have to brag about what we are doing or kind of clothes we have on. What happened to getting to know each other now a day? This book was in the 70s where there wasn’t any social media like there is now but in Eleanor and Park, Eleanor comes from a broken home and still gets picked on by her appearances. In the book, Park actually got to know Eleanor instead of just paying attention to her appearances.

            I remember in High School if you didn’t have nice things or have whatever was in style at that time people would look at you weird and treat you differently. Eleanor came from a desperate, broken home, but no one cares or has sympathy for anyone anymore. Reading this book its so hard to see how Eleanor gets treated horribly by her mom and step dad. Eleanor has been abandon by her mom, and forgotten by her dad. Her stepfather threatens her and abuses the mother constantly in front of all the children. Eleanor can’t help her appearance because of the home she comes from. She can’t afford new clothes, shoes or even a toothbrush. Her family strives just to eat. Her and all her siblings have to share one room all together with just a curtain. She is not only bullied from school, she is bullied horribly, in a scar- you- for -life kind of way. It is so hard to not worry about those kind of kids because you never know what they could do to themselves.

            What really stood out to me was that Park didn’t see Eleanor like everyone else did. He saw, and fell in love with someone who is kind, has the same sense in music and many more reasons. “Watch it, Raghead.” “Tina had everybody else in their gym class calling Eleanor Bozo, but Tina had already moved onto Raghead and Bloody Mary.” (Rowell 23) If we really got to know people and avoided their appearances we could have so many good friendships or relationships we were too scared to try. I wish people wouldn’t judge others so quickly and assume people’s personalities just by looking at someone else. They both are so different but still connected and found so many things they had in common with each other. Bullying will never stop, it will always be an issue but I think schools need to enforce more about bullying. Its really upsetting and difficult to see kids from broken homes have to go to school and deal with getting bullied there also.

            When Eleanor was with Park she felt normal, she didn’t feel lonely or alone. Park made her feel wanted and worthy of something. She had such a horrible life and wasn’t loved like Park was with his normal life. Park loved her no matter where she came from, or what she looked like. He actually took the time and effort to get to know her. This shows me that there are some nice, caring, people out in the world. Everyone needs to stop caring so much about appearances, social media is going to get worse and worse and take over people’s lives. We are forgetting how to connect with others by just talking to them but instead we look on their social media and judge their pictures or what kind of clothes they are wearing and what they do all day.

            Everyone wants to meet someone that sees them for them and not just where they come from or what their whole diameter looks like. We all want that love that Park and Eleanor have, someone who doesn’t care about your appearance and just wants to get to know you. So why do people bully? Is it supposed to make you feel better when you judge others and calls them mean names? Some people can’t handle those mean words and will eventually take their lives. I want to eventually meet someone who likes me for me just like Park likes Eleanor. Reading this made me feel her pain and wonder how she can live knowing her parents don’t exactly care or take care of her like most parents do. How can we stop bullying from happening and will it ever not be an issue anymore?