Chapter 59

Three Words Long

Three words long. Parks reaction wasn’t sure of where the relationship stood with Eleanor. He was already losing hope. Park started picturing himself without Eleanor. For that split second the image of Eleanor was out of his head. Ever memory of her rushed through his head as like he didn’t even imagine her gone. He glanced at the postcard that Eleanor sent and realized the three long words read, I love you. He kept staring at the postcard as if the postcard was glued to his face. He smiled ear to ear and read those three long words over and over again. I love you. As if the lost hope he was losing was restored with those three simple words. I love you. It was the perfect time for Eleanor to have sent the postcard.

            Eleanor knew it was the perfect time to have sent the postcard to Park around that time. She was going to write to him as soon as she was settled at her new home with her family away from her step dad Richie. She kept writing these long letters to Park but as soon as she was going to mail it out she kept over thinking her letters on what she had wrote to Park. She didn’t want to say the wrong thing. Eleanor was feeling her most vulnerable at the time she finally wrote the postcard instead of a full sized letter. She kept contemplating every time she wrote to him. She then realized what she wanted the most for Park to know was how much she loves him. She realized she didn’t want to write anything else and lose the focus on those three long words. Eleanor knew regardless of the situation Eleanor was in, Park and Eleanor have already gone through so much in their relationship. She knew their bond couldn’t have been broken that easily.

Park saved the postcard Eleanor had sent him on the side of his nightstand in his bedroom. The same night Eleanor had sent him the postcard he was still in awe of how those three long words and they were bugging him so much and how much it made an impact in just those few seconds. All he wanted to do was return the same love Eleanor had sent him but instead he wanted it to do it in person, face to face. He wanted to see her. He was struggling on what he would actually say to Eleanor if he did see her. He kept repeating love speeches that he might say to her and came to realize it was plain and simple as she had written to him in the postcard. Just say I love you back. He was just a nervous wreck.

That same night Eleanor had sent the postcard to Park with the postcard that had written I love you. Park couldn’t just lay in bed and do nothing about it. He was yearning for her love. Park wanted to run away from home and look for Eleanor. He was going to go to the home address that was written onto the postcard. Park knew he couldn’t take his parents car to go visit her. So he took his parents car without them knowing that late night.

Little did Park know Eleanor was making her getaway to go visit Park as well. She wanted to see Park and just be by his side. She was missing him. Eleanor ran off to the nearest train station and bought a ticket to go visit Park. Both were going opposite direction late that night traveling to visit one another to show their love. Park was a nervous to visit Eleanor and was afraid what his parents will do and think once they wake up that morning. Eleanor was terrified to even think what her mother would do that morning knowing she was gone. Both seemed to have doubts but brushed them off quickly before making a decision on heading back home and that’s not what they both wanted.

As Park was driving late that night he was getting tired and was exhausted on being on the road for such a long period time. He could barely keep his eyes open. He noticed he was getting tired and wanted to pull over but seen a sign he was only a few more cities away from Eleanor’s home. Eleanor was too drained out to even think of Park anymore. She knew she was just overthinking things like she always does. So she decided she would rather take a nap to sleep it off and wake up with a more relaxed head.

Park could hardly wait to see Eleanor and all he could think of was her beautiful red hair and how much he wanted to say how much she loved her. He started to play some music to let time pass by but mostly for him to stay wide awake. Eleanor was already dozed off on the train but had a weird feeling about Park. She woke up from her nap and was feeling uneased so she took out her headphones from her bag to listen to some music to get this bad vibe away from her. Eleanor was looking out her window and notice the sun was rising. She could hardly wait to get off this train and see Park.

Eleanor arrived to Parks hometown. It was 9am that morning when she was walking up towards Parks home. She noticed there were two police cars pulled up on the side curve of Parks parent’s home. She ran up to their door and before she could even knock the two police officers were walking out of Parks parent’s home and said to her excuse us little miss and walked right passed her. Parks grandma was standing at the front porch with the door wide open. She noticed Eleanor and said to her Park really did love you and broke into tears and walked away. She had already had this gut feeling and knew what his mother was going to tell her. Her eyes were so watery but she was holding back on her tears. Parks mom said honey Park was in an accident he had fell asleep of the wheel to go visit you. Eleanor was lost of words and ran out. She fell to her knees in Parks front yard and cried his name out if he would have head her. “Did she miss him? She wanted to lose herself in him. To tie his arms around her like a tourniquet. If she showed him how much she needed him, he’d run away.” (Rowell Chap-26)

Parks father came behind Eleanor and handed her the postcard she had sent Park. She flipped the postcard over where she wrote those three long words. She noticed park written right behind her three long words and had written I love you too… Eleanor teared up but this time she cried with a little smile knowing Park had loved her. All her life Eleanor wanted to feel loved and Park showed his genuine love towards Eleanor. Eleanor and Parks love was a young love “but they’re 17 years old. I don’t believe that 17 year-olds get happy endings they get beginnings.” (Rowell  329)




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