Evaluate Your Analysis

Evaluate your literary analysis using the Rubric. Five categories, each between 0-3. Then, assign a score. 

Past Important Issues

We can all remember a time when we were discussing an important issue and our words came out wrong. Later, we can often compose a perfect argument in our heads  and wish we could go back in time and express our point clearly.

Think of a time where you failed to express your point clearly. What happened and how can you fix it? What is that your claims were unclear or unsupported? 

Imagine you can go back in time and fix these memories by inserting better logic and more evidence wherever you were lacking. 

Write for a few minutes and make a stronger, clearer argument. 

What is the point of this assignment? What can we learn from his?

Euphemism and Dysphemism

Eu means good or well. Dys means Poor. Phemism means said.

The way your phrase something affects the meaning that is understood. 

Think of words that mean the same thing, but one is well said and one is poorly said. What are some words that have been rephrased in your field or job to sound better. What are some job titles that have changed over time?

  • Pre-owned vs. Used
  • Inexpensive vs. Cheap
  • Server or Waiter


  1. Read Chapter 3, Arguments
  2. Read Casso (pg. 70)
  3. Come up with topics for Research Argument