The post card read three simple words he thought he would never hear again, at least not from Eleanor
I Love You
These words made him feel as though everything would one day be back to normal. Eleanor and him would one day be back together. Riding the bus, walking to class and hanging out at his house after school like old times.
He hadn’t played his stereo since Eleanor had left. There is so many memories he wanted to remember but it was just too hard.
He hadn’t heard from Eleanor since he had dropped her off at her uncles almost a year ago. Reading the post card made him have a glimpse of hope.
He sat down. Between his bed and stereo where Eleanor and him shared their first kiss. He played the same song they listened to that night. He closed his eyes and reminisced about all their memories they had shared


She sat on her bed and realized that even after a year apart from Park, he was still the only thing she could think about.
Was he okay?
Had he moved on?
Had sending that post card changed anything?
She decided that it was time to write Park a letter. This time she would finish it and send it, unlike the hundred times she tried to write him before. Even if he didn’t respond to it at least he would know that she never stopped.
She had never stopped loving him. She would forever be thankful that he came into her life.
She sat down and wrote letter after letter each a different version until she found the right one.


As he returned home after work he went into his room and laying on his bed was letter. He picked it up and read the front, it was addressed to Park, sent from Eleanor. He hadn’t expected to hear from her again, he figured the post card was the last thing she would send.
He sat the letter aside too nervous to open it. He changed his clothes and sat down at the table with his parents for dinner.
His parents asked if he had opened the letter yet.
“No, not yet he replied.”
That was that no further mention of the letter.
After dinner he went into his room and sat between the bed and the stereo, sitting there only seemed fit that was their spot. He carefully opened the envelope, he had been waiting for this letter for a year.

Dear Park,
How have you been? I hope you’ve been well and everything’s okay. I know I owe you and explanation as to why I never replied to any of your letters or phone calls.
It’s hard for me to explain how I feel and express my emotions that’s one of my down falls as you know. I owe you some closure and in a way hopefully I will help myself understand what happened and how things became so messed up.
I want you to know that I am forever great full that you came into my life and saved me. Saved me from my unbearable stepfather, bullies at school, and gave me hope. I didn’t write to you because I never wanted you to feel obligated to wait for me. I don’t know when I’ll be back or if I ever will. I still don’t and you deserve to be happy, to find someone that can actually be there for you. Someone who can actually go on dates and not have to sneak around all the time.
I think about you Park more than you’ll ever know. Living with my uncle has definitely been an adjustment for the better besides the fact that you’re not here. But “life’s a bastard”, and unexpected changes happen. I do love you and if one day we’re lucky enough to meet again. I know we will have something great but for now please live your life.
I love you always


Love the most desirable feeling in the world. The butterflies in your stomach the warm fuzzy feeling when you kiss each other. Everyone looks for it but who’s lucky enough to find it? If you’re that someone who is lucky enough to find it, trying with every being in your body to keep it is normal. In the novel Eleanor and Park, the author portrays two young teens who come from two completely different backgrounds. Eleanor a young lady who comes from a broken home and family with little money and Park a young man who comes from a loving family and put together household with extra income. Besides the fact that they both are not from the same background is society to blame for there even being a question that two cannot last because of the way one grew up or how they look? Can society’s view on what’s considered a norm carrying a bigger influence then we imagined. How do we come up with our list of a perfect significant other, where did we find all the bullet point that build “the one” good body, well-paying job, car, house, nice, smart, funny, “So it’s time to think carefully about your set of ‘rules’, for they are denying you the opportunity to fully experience the love of another being” (scott). Today we see rich with the rich and poor with the poor not all the time but majority, has that impacted how we view relationships. Can someone poor be with someone well off and not be seen as a charity case? In one’s head can they stop the comments people make from how different they look, to who pays, from changing their mind about their relationship.
In the beginning of the novel the two teens don’t seem as if they will even be friends, “Park had spent all day trying to think of how to get away from the new girl” (13). As time went on the two fell in love. In an untimely serious of events Eleanor and Park ended up worlds away from each other. There upcoming was different, there daily life was complete opposite, “..It was one thing to let him see her crazy life a little bit at a time… So, yeah, I have a terrible stepdad, and I don’t have a phone, and sometimes when we’re out of dish soap, I wash my hair with flea and tick shampoo…” (18). Thus being said it is out of the norm for one to not have a tooth brush, or shampoo but Park loved Eleanor anyways despite her home life and lack of essentials. According to the article My boyfriend and I have completely different backgrounds will we last, McConnachie stats, “However, attraction isn’t the issue here: it’s compatibility. But why are you just comparing social class, education and career? Just as important, if not more so, are your interests, core values and personality types”. This is an important factor for any relationship if ones always focused on the bad nothing good shall come. Thus being said even though I believe society plays a role on who we see fit for ourselves in a significant other stand point. The novel Eleanor and Park shows how even teens can overcome what everyone thinks and says about them, and be in a relationship. With different backgrounds and life styles they both find a way to make it work and be together before she has to move. That’s why I chose to continue the story and give them some hope that one day, maybe one day they will be together.

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