Although a lot of people think the last three words Eleanor wrote to Park is “I love you.” I think that it must have been “I miss you.” Once Eleanor moved far away Eleanor probably realized how much Park actually loved Eleanor but now that Eleanor is far away from Park, Eleanor feels as if she won’t see Park ever again. Eleanor most likely realized how it feels to truly miss someone.

Eleanor never truly said “I love you’ to park even though that might be what a lot of people want the last three words to be, I do not agree with that. She never said it, so why would she now? There are multiple reasons why I think Eleanor only told Park “I miss you”.

One of the reasons that Eleanor said “ I miss you” is that she always told him that when they talked on the phone. ““I miss you” she said.” “I’m right here.””i wish you were her. Or that I was there. I wish that there was some chance of talking like this after tonight, or seeing each other.”(107) Park always wanted to be with her but I think Eleanor wouldn’t really mean it. She did care about Park but I feel that Park loved and cared about her a lot more than Eleanor did.

I feel as if Eleanor never really loved Park, She never once did tell him “I love you” Throughout the story. “I’m just saying… I love you. And I can’t imagine stopping…. There’s no reason to think we’re going to stop loving each other”, he said. “And there’s every reason to think that we won’t.” I never said I loved you, Eleanor thought.” (237) Eleanor never once said it, she even acknowledged that she didn’t ever say I love you. So that gives us another reason why would she send that to end it with him. It more of a tease saying “I love you” once they are actually apart from each other. That is why “I miss you” makes a lot more sense.

Eleanor telling park “I miss you” always made park feel as he was very wanted. Since her household was not a good one to be living in. She did actually miss Park because she felt safe with him. Park did like it when she would say “I want you” because “He was quiet. He wanted everything she’d just said to be the last thing he heard. He wanted to fall asleep with ‘I want you’ in his ears.”(111) I am not sure if Park ever realized that she never said I love you since He was so in love with Eleanor i guess he never noticed such things.

When Park told Eleanor “I Love you” for the first time, he never got a response. At that point if i was in his shoes, I Would’ve wondered why she wouldn’t have said it back. “Eleanor – wait ,” Park said. She could hear her dad in the kitchen and her heartbeat everywhere. “Eleanor – wait – I love you.” (114) Here is where I really start to question if she did ever love him because She could’ve said it later on in the day whenever she saw Park at school or whatever, But Eleanor never did.

Eleanor and Park have different ideas of Love as well. Eleanor thinks that love is actually having to do sexual things with your partner. Park on the other hand feels that Love is just having to share your life with the other person, sharing feelings and experiences together. Eleanor’s way of feeling wanted is when they kissed and such. “He pulled one of his arms out from under her and traced her outline against the couch. He could spend all day like this, running his hand down her ribs, into her waist, out to her hips and back again…. If he had all day, he would. If she weren’t made of so many other miracles.” (250) This is a moment when Eleanor felt real love because this is what she thought love is.

Eleanor always said “I miss you” and “ Iwant you”  she once thought “You saved my life, she tried to tell him. Not forever, no for good. Probably just temporarily. But you save my life, and now I’m yours. The me that’s me right now is yours. Always.”(310) This quote right here is why I main believe why the last three words written is “I miss you” Because this shows when Eleanor realized how much Park really cared about Eleanor and how much Eleanor really cared about Park and how much Eleanor liked him.

Overall at the end Eleanor did have to have said  “I miss you” as the last three words in the letter. Because her being far away from park and never able to talk to him or see him. Made Eleanor realized how important Park was in her life. She found out that we was a necessary person. The she really needed and wanted him to be in her life. So that “I miss you” I feel makes it as if She would still be willing to get back together if Park would take her back. The distance I don’t think was the factor that made them separate. Being in a Long distance Relationship is just a bit more difficult to handle since you don’t get to see the person everyday. I think they separated because maybe Eleanor couldn’t handle real love or she just wasn’t ready for it. So was it goodbye?