In the United States today, abortion is currently legal and it has been for years now, since the year of 1973 as the result to the debate of Roe versus Wade (Abortion After Roe: Abortion After Legalization).  Abortion has been a major controversial subject for quite some time.  As of today, abortion, or abomination as seen by some, is currently being debated.  The idea of making abortion illegal again should most definitely be highly considered.  Abortion was primarily legalized due to the fact that the embryo was scientifically proven not to be living at the time of an abortion.  Recent, more up to date scientific studies prove this non-factual.  This is one major reason why the United States should seriously reconsider their standing on the topic of abortion.  Abortion is murder, it should not be legal to murder under special circumstances.  Murder is murder; there should be no exception to the fact.  Not only is abortion murder; it poses threats to a woman’s health when she partakes in this procedure.  Some of the risk’s women face when having an abortion are fatal to the point of death.  This fact alone poses a major problem with abortion being legal.  One egg plus one sperm equals one Zygote, which equals one child, which is one living human life form (Fertilization and Moral Status: A Scientific Perspective).  Although abortion is legal in the United States today, it lacks any form of basic common morality and should be put to an end. 

  Abortion in technical terms is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first twenty-eight weeks of pregnancy.  Human fertilization is a process requiring about 24 hours for completion.  After 24 hours, the child is a living being (Fertilization and Moral Status: A Scientific Perspective).  No matter how small or how new the life may be, it is still a life and no person should have the right to put an end to that life.  Although abortion has been declared by the United States government, our government, as a fundamental right to United States citizens, it is a right, which one should not have.  Let me ask you this, “Are you pro-suicide”?  I am sure that you are not.  I ask you this because if you are pro-abortion or pro-choice you are technically for a woman putting herself at risk of death to her own self.  Knowingly taking the risk of death is a choice women are making when choosing to have an abortion.  We as decent human beings, who have a general care for the importance of life should stand up against abortion.  Stand up against abortion to prevent the termination of an innocent unborn life.  By standing up against abortion you will not only be saving an unborn child from being aborted, you will also be preventing a pregnant woman from putting her own life in jeopardy.  There are a number of problems that follow an abortion.  One problem in particular is an infection that can lead to the death of whom ever the woman is that has an abortion.  Having an abortion may be legal, but that certainly does not mean it is safe. 

     Abortion is meant to terminate one life, but it poses many risks, including potentially ending two lives.  Women who have been pregnant at least once before are already at risk of breast cancer, according to studies.  Among these women, those of which have abortions, increase that risk of getting breast cancer by 50% (Risk of Breast Cancer Among Young Women: Relationship to Induced Abortion).  It has been proven scientifically that abortions are incomplete in working.  This is a fact not made known first hand.  The science of abortion that is made known to the world does not consist of all the facts (Reconciling Faith and Fact: Pro-Life Women Discuss Media, Science and the Abortion Debate).  One woman said that if she were made aware of all the facts she is aware of now, she would not have gotten her abortion.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), every 8 minutes a woman in a developing nation will die due to complications, which come about from an abortion that was unsafe.  (WHO) deems that unsafe abortions are one of the most easily preventable causes of maternal mortality and a staggering public health issue.  Even safe abortion in developing nations carries risks.  Scientific facts and studies support this argument. 

     Invoking fact and scientific authority has given many points to argue respectively, why abortion should no longer be legal.  According to the article, (Fertilization and Moral Status: A Scientific Perspective), scientific facts may help us as individuals to gain a broader, clearer understanding, in which we may base our opinion off of, on the issue of abortion, but scientific facts alone cannot provide the answer to the moral status of the prenate.   However, information about the relevant biological events can create a firmer basis for discussion of such an interdisciplinary issue.  The status of the law on abortion in the U.S. today should be discussed and definitely be given much attention to.  Our current law should be revoked immediately, in attempts to put an end to putting an end to innocent lives. 

     There are numerous things the United States government could do to help put an end to abortion.  In order to combat any arguments on why abortion should not be illegalized.  In some cases, the pregnant woman may be homeless and unfit to take care of a child.  With that being the case, our government could step in offer government housing for nine months, the nine months of pregnancy.  If these programs of assistance were made available to pregnant woman who do not wish to have their baby, they may be taken care of well enough until the birth of the child and the child may then be put up for adoption.  This should be our new law to replace legal abortions.  Aside from the simple solution of refraining from sexual acts, having the baby and putting him or her up for adoption would be the best solution versus having an abortion.  Plenty of women out there want, but cannot have, a child on their own.  Due to physical complications or inabilities, some women depend on adoption in order to have a family.  Not just women, but men as well, either a single man who wants to raise a child alone or homosexual couples.  With women, it could be that their significant other may be unable to reproduce or they themselves may not be able to.  Adoption is the only way for some people to raise the family that they want.  The funding needed to finance housing for a nine-month period for those pregnant woman who do not desire to keep their child could be provided by those individuals who seek to adopt a newborn baby.  Based on this, cities, counties, and even states, could put together charitable foundations supporting the cause as well.  Through donations and families seeking to adopt, our country truly has the potential to create an entirely new epidemic.  One that supports making families and saving lives.  When women become pregnant, she is put in a position of responsibility.  The responsible thing to do is to do what is best for the fetus, the unborn child, which cannot yet make choices and decisions for his or her self.  The first thing to do would be to raise, nurture, and provide for your child.  If you do not wish to do so or simply are incapable of doing so, then the next best option would be to birth the infant child and give it up for adoption.  This way the child is not put to death, but has the opportunity at having a good life. 

     Another solution to help fight against abortion is protesting.  People could stand outside of clinics that perform procedures such as abortions.  Pro-life believers may possibly change the hearts and minds of an individual going there to have an abortion by standing outside protesting.  I personally have stood outside of a Planned Parenthood clinic with signs against abortion and I would say there was an 80 to 20 percent ratio of supporters versus opposers driving by.  One vehicle even pulled over to talk to us, questioning what our purpose was for being out there.  By the end of the conversation, he said he was no longer for abortion.  The individual who conversated with him and explained everything was the mother of my girlfriend, Monica Leon, the coordinator of this particular protest, “40 days for life”.   You can join the cause.  The website shows all upcoming events and keeps you up to date on everything that is going on.  The website is  It takes more than protesting, if we would all do our part and vote against abortion we will have that much more of a fighting chance to change the current law on abortion.  Not only that, the time is now for us all to stand up for what we believe in and protest against abortion.  In more ways than just standing outside of clinics, that offers such procedures.  These procedures offer nothing positive.  Abortions take one life and potentionally take another life, due to the risks on the individual who has the procedure.  Even if a person does not stand outside of a clinic, holding up signs, is he or she willing to do their part and vote no on abortion?  In other words, are you willing to help save the lives of innocent unborn children?  Their vote has a great impact on the overall outcome.  Not voting could literally be the difference between life and death.  With that being said, “What will you do”?  “Something or nothing at all”? 

     One last option to ending the practice of abortion is education.  Education could really be an effective way to prevent pregnancy in young teens, which could overall prevent the need for abortion.  Even so, being educated on all the facts of what risks come along side having an abortion, one might not want to do so, if impregnated.  Schools educate students on many things, such as sex, drugs and alcohol, and even cigarettes.  I personally was scared to smoke tobacco as a young teen.  Not because I would get my butt whipped by my parents but because of what nicotine does to the body.  Had I not learned what I did in middle school about nicotine, I would have started smoking at an even younger age.  If our schools offered education on what risks entail with the procedure of an abortion, it could result in less unwanted pregnancies.  It would only add to the fear of not wanting a child at a young age, it would take away the factor that makes young women and women in general careless about having unprotected sex.  Which overall will have the effect of more preventative actions being taken by women, instead of them depending on abortion if impregnated.  The knowledge of effects that may come from an action may make an individual more cautious about their actions.  As well as making them more self-aware.  I believe education is always the best solution. 

     Although abortion is legal in the United States today, it has not brought about any positivity in our nation.  More than 42 million women choose abortion today (Unsafe Abortion: Unnecessary Maternal Morality).  Out of these 42 million women, nearly half of these procedures, 20 million of them, are unsafe.   Every year, about 68,000 women die of unsafe abortion; this makes it one of the leading causes of maternal mortality.  This is just about 13%.  Out of the remaining percentage of women, the surviving women, 5 million, will suffer from long term health complications, this is 25%.  The problem with abortion and the health risks it poses goes beyond just our nation.  Calculations show that worldwide, 5 million women are hospitalized each year to be treated for abortion-related complications.  In addition, deaths due to abortion-related complications leave 220,000 children without a mother.  Legalized abortion has proven to do more damage than before when all the facts are presented, rather than only selected facts.  Pro-choice candidates come off with a strong argument, only stating a portion of the facts (Reconciling Faith and Fact: Pro-Life Women Discuss Media, Science and the Abortion Debate). 

     Anyone can clearly see that pro-choice is wrong when all the facts are presented, not just some.  Keep in mind, the main reason abortion was legalized is because it was said to be proven through scientific studies that the embryo is not yet living during the time of the abortion.  Updated, more recent, studies conflict with these facts.  Newfound facts show that it only takes 24 hours for the embryo to be considered alive.  Aborting any living being should be considered murder.  Remember, one egg plus one sperm equals one zygote, which equals one child.  Here’s two questions to ponder on.  One, when you look at your life today and think of who you have become, would you have supported pro-abortion laws if you were going to be terminated?  Just imagine you were that unwanted embryo when you choose a side.  Second, would you terminate, “put an end to”, your own child’s life after he or she is born?  No, so why should it be okay for the legal terminating of a child’s life before birth.  Abortion, an immoral act, is a legal right granted by the United States government that should be revoked. 

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