Social media is a multi-billion dollar industry that has shaped the world we live in today. The advancements of technology have improved significantly over the years.  Social Media is all around us and we all use it in one form or another. We let social media take over our lives and this has caused us to worry about everything that people say and think about us. We are always walking around staring at a screen.

            Social media is an everyday must for many Americans. For some reason we have to know what everyone is doing. We always feel the need to be up to date with the latest trends and with the gossip going around. Any kind of social media captures our attention and it really is an addiction.

Every day younger and younger people are joining social media. We are the generation that doesn’t know what it was to not live without internet or an electronical device. We grew up with them and we are so used to having them around us. Now a day we see 5th graders with Iphones and most of them use snapchat and instagram. An article at the journal of extensions says “Technology use constitutes an integral part of the average American teen’s life. The majority of American teens now have access to a smart phone (73%) or a computer (87%) and (92%) of teens report going online on a daily basis (Lenhart, 2015)”.

            Social media isn’t all bad if it is used properly. For example the internet has been one of the best tools for school and work. All we have to do now is type a word into the search engine and we get what we are looking for. The internet makes everything so much easier because we have access to everything. “Social networks have become an integral part of student social life (Travares, 2013). These networks have become important as they serve platforms for users to interact and relate with their peers”.

            The internet can also be very harmful if it not used wisely. Because pretty much anyone can make a profile online it’s easy for anyone to get bullied over the internet. The cases of cyber bulling have increased over the years and I think that’s just because of the lack of security and information that is given out. We really aren’t taking care of the younger generations and I think it because we choose to ignore all the problems that social media can bring.

            When social media is used in school it can be very beneficial. With the right tools students and teachers can connect in a much easier way through social media. With apps and website students can get their assignments and get work done. It’s a way for students to communicate and interact with each other. Throughout the years the use of social medial has become a more common thing in schools and now some schools even require that the student have a computer or an electronic device because most books are online now. In a way that’s a good thing because it’s easier to use but that means more time spent on a screen.

            Due to the fact of social media being very popular we tend to use it a lot multiple times a day. That isn’t a very good thing because it can cause many health problems. For example the ore we use our phones is less time we have to do something productive. We tend to just be sitting around. Looking at phone screen for long periods of time can also be harmful for our eyes. Being on social media at night causes sleeping problems because we get sucked into what everyone else is posting. The media isn’t good for our mental health either because it can cause depression, anxiety and other self esteem problems. The journal of Australia says “participants with a high social media score have significantly greater sitting times while using a computer in leisure time”.

            In my opinion I don’t think we will stop using technology or the internet I think the problem is just going to get worst if we don’t start monitoring what age is appropriate for people to start using the internet. I think that the younger generations will just see everyone on their phones and just assume it’s what they have to be using. I think he have to manage how much time we use social media and not let it affect us and we have to let other younger teens to not believe everything they see on the internet. Already “American teenagers ages 12-17, (93%) report going online every day”. So I think we just have to keep them aware of the dangers social media can bring.


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