It was a week after my 21st birthday when I found out I was pregnant. People say you’ll sometimes know if you are pregnant if the father of the child start to have pregnancy symptoms known as “Sympathy Pains” This is usually where the father of the child will experience the same symptoms and the expecting mother. These symptoms are usually morning sickness, tiredness, nausea and vomiting. Sometimes weight gain and crave certain foods just like the mother occur. This is exactly what happened to my boyfriend when I had the first thought that i actually might be. Mind you, this was a couple weeks before my birthday. We joked about it at first but didn’t think anything of it. Until a couple weeks later when Ii took a home test and it came out positive. Of course this was a nerve-wrecking feeling. I thought to myself, “Wow. This is actually happening.” But after the thought about bringing in this beautiful new life everything felt like it was actually going to be alright.

The process at first was pretty easy. I had to go to the doctor’s office just to confirm my positive result. And there that’s where they told me, “Congratulations!” After that they sent me to another room where another doctor told gave me an estimate on how far along Ii was and an estimate on the due date. The doctor said, “Ok, now is when you need to make an appointment with your doctor and you will begin your new journey.” Sitting there excited yet nervous at the same time the doctor hands me all sorts of folders and pamphlets about what to except, breastfeeding, how to exercise, what to eat, what not to eat, the emergency contacts, a paper on the whole delivery and what I want to be done. I’d have to say at that moment I felt completely overwhelmed. Here I am sitting here getting told that yes I am pregnant, baby will be here in about 40 weeks and this is a summary of the basics that I’ll need to know. So for the next couple weeks I was just hungry and tired. Still anxious to see my belly, grow but nothing yet. These weeks were also filled with doctor’s appointments concluding with ultrasounds and my blood being drawn. And if you’ve been or know anyone who has been pregnant, you know this is not the end that. From there I also had to learn all sorts of things for myself and my growing baby. For example, that big folder I got had a list if this i could not eat anymore of and the things I need to eat more of and something’s Ii could eat in moderation. I was lucky enough to have a somewhat easy first pregnancy. I didn’t have much morning-sickness and my baby was letting me eat almost everything I wanted. This is a good thing because I love to eat! I didn’t crave anything too crazy either. The three things I craved the most were strawberries, pineapple and McDonald’s cheeseburgers and not always in that order.

            As the next couple months went on and my belly was starting to get visibly bigger, I began to learn lots more. I had downloaded an app on my phone that helped me track my pregnancy and give me facts about my growing baby. For example it would tell me facts about my growing body as well as how big my daughter was. It also would tell me how my baby had eyes but no ears yet. And as the months went on it would give me the where is your baby now facts. For example it would give how many weeks i was at the moment, how many more weeks I had to go, how big the baby was and how much she weighed. It would also give an example picture on what the baby looked like in my belly.  




            Some of the daily struggles of being pregnant, first of all was my growing belly. As I got bigger it was hard for me to get up from couches, chairs even the car. I was developing a waddle so to say. Another issue for me was my clothes. They of course were getting small on me so I had to move on to maternity clothes. Which was not the business; they were ugly and didn’t have any style. So I improvised and bought just maternity shorts and jeans. I just bought extra large tops in the junior’s section. Another one of my struggles was that I was pregnant through the summer. And like how I mentioned, going to the doctors at least three times a week to get poked and prodded was having my patience. I never had to visit the doctors so many times in my life. It was also very hard for me to sleep sometimes. I had what was called “Restless Leg Syndrome”. Something pregnant women get. It hurt me so bad at night. One of my legs would cramp up really bad and it would be hard for me to get some rest. I would have to constantly change from my right side to my left side. With a big belly obviously you cannot sleep on your stomach. And that is my favorite way to sleep. And getting bigger it’s actually hard to breathe while sleeping on your back. So it was either the left or right side for me. On top of all that my daughter would like to wake up for an hour or two late at night which caused me to stay up. She would kick me and wiggle all around. Sometimes she would get the hiccups as well. It was such a weird feeling but a feeling that I still miss to this day.

            As the days got closer to my due date, my boyfriend and I had to really start preparing for the arrival of our daughter. After we had our baby shower I had to go through all the clothes and toys we had gotten as gifts and see which ones we got doubles of so I could go return them for something we didn’t get. We were lucky enough to get almost everything we asked for on our registry. While my boyfriend built the crib I had to start washing all the new clothes. We have big families on both our sides, so she got a lot of clothes. That’s when I realized how hard it was to fold baby clothes. And with all her tiny little tee shirts, onesies, pants, socks, mittens and beanies. It was also pretty annoying.

            The person that really helped me out and taught me what I know about being a mom was my boyfriend’s mother.  I was over at their house every day until I finally moved it. She would help me with stuff like showing me how to cook, how to exercise, and just prepare for our new baby. And when the baby was born she was even more of a help. When i would be so nervous sometimes because I wasn’t sure if I was doing anything right, she assured me I was. But she showed me little tricks on how to know what the baby wanted. What little signs to look out for. She helped every time the baby did something that her dad and I weren’t sure about. She taught me so much more and for that I am thankful.