Throughout these past few years I have learned a couple of invaluable skills from my close group of friends. It’s not something that is a physical skill involving the body, but it’s a mental thing that I can apply to anything I do for the rest of my life. These two things I am referring to are accountability and perseverance. Two skills, or may be described as perhaps something else, I was missing as I grew up. I now personally believe that these are values that one needs to respect and develop within oneself to be able to get through life with some structure and predictability. A way I learned about accountability and perseverance was through school work when I first entered college.

I came into Chaffey College straight from my graduation from Etiwanda High School. To be honest, I don’t think high school prepares a student for college very well. Well I didn’t feel prepared at the least; A student can mostly breeze through high school and still get into college. A student can even can get into a California State University with a 2.0 GPA which is not that impressive. Since this was the case I was not equipped with the necessary skills to complete the tasks at hand for college. I eventually learned to develop these things thanks to my friends. But it was not a one way street, we all had to encourage each other to stay on top of homework and studying. In my case, my toughest challenge was passing math classes.                                                                 

Math class was my weakest subject, the amount of hours of work I needed to put in to finishing my math classes with a passing grade was an incredible challenge for me. They would recommend that whenever I had free time on campus I should go to the math success center. “Hey Austin, you should really start heading to the math success center so you don’t get destroyed in class”. Since I started going to the math success center the idea finally came clear to me that there are just some classes, some subjects that require more attention than others. Math for me, was one of those classes, but the good thing is now I now no longer view math in a negative light. I feel like that has also helped me tackle the subject with more enthusiasm. But it was also tough to apply this when it comes to other classes as well.

While it is currently still a challenge for me to continue to go on with completing my math classes. It is easier for me to keep up with it since it’s part of my degree. For classes that are not a part of my degree, I had an even harder time completing them. Especially if I had no interest into the subject, that faulty mentality caused me to fail a few classes at Chaffey. “Try to get into the habit of studying more often, especially for math and science classes. if you don’t you really will have a tough time with the homework”. I knew I could not force myself to enjoy these subjects, or obtain a passion for them. At the end of the day, I was just lacking the work ethic. I believe that I am still lacking the work ethic in plenty of areas when it comes to education. So while I have improved by a great deal over these last few years when it comes to being a productive human being. There is still much more for me to improve on productivity wise for myself both physically and mentally. Accountability and Perseverance are qualities of a person that are universal in that they are needed to tackle any challenge, such as strenuous activities, like exercising.   

As stated above accountability and perseverance are universal qualities that are required to get any task or goal done. Another way I have applied those skills into my life is through personal health, or exercise more specifically. I was more on the heavier side by the end of high school. I needed to put myself in a better position of health so I don’t have problems with my body in the future. I would have not kept up with a consistent exercise schedule, or exercise at all if my friends were not there to help me keep up with this life changing goal. The first task was to just get my body moving more since I was a couch potato. They always would ride their bikes everywhere. Which gave them plenty of practice with cardio. I personally don’t believe the Physical Education classes from high school helped me prepare for a healthy future. Maybe high school would have been a greater help with my physical well being if I participated in a sport, but I am a person that lacks motivation and interest in many sports so it was not an option for me.

We started exercising on a regular basis after high school, for the most part we have been on a consistent schedule. To be honest having someone to exercise with you can almost be seen as a crutch, I believe staying on track becomes much easier when someone else keeps you in check. Since this is the case I still need help when applying perseverance and accountability when it comes to my health since I still cannot do it on my own. “We just have to remain consistent, it will become easier to do this over time”.  If I were on my own, I would not have a consistent schedule and I would probably be eating more sweets than I should. I still need to work on being more accountable, like when it comes to finding a job.                                                                                                                                        

I have not been incredibly focused when it comes to finding a job. I believe this is an area that more falls under a lack of perseverance. I almost landed a job with the Amazon Warehouse, but the job was going to intrude on my school schedule. The jobs that I have tried to get into were all impeding on my school schedule. But the problem is that whenever that occurs, I start to apply for jobs at a slower pace. Even though my friends and family have told me not to give up and keep applying for jobs. “Don’t lose hope, you just have to keep applying for jobs and you will eventually fine one”. I have a compressed schedule this semester, so I hope I will find one this semester.

As I have mentioned previously, being a productive human being is something that is universal. It can still be applied to many aspects in life at any point. It does not matter what point in time it is or will be. Anyone can improve at any point in their life, and the skills, accountability and perseverance are what is going to be needed to complete what ever challenge one is facing or one might face in the future. It has been a challenge for me, I still need to do a better job when it comes to applying these skills in plenty of points in my life. Things like, education, health, finding a job, and any other future projects that I want to pursue in life. I have come a long way with personal growth thanks to what my friends have taught me. But I have a long way to go, but I know I am not alone. This is a challenge for many people, but a challenge that anyone can overcome.