From unexciting eating to precision, fly-catching, excitement is switching from using forks to chopsticks. Switching from forks to chopsticks is one of the most fun changes that you can experience and it can boost your confidence, even if it’s a minimal boost. I learned how to use chopsticks through trial and error. I was first introduced to them when I was in elementary, we would always have a day where they would give us disposable chopsticks and help us or encourage us to use them. After this I grew an interest in being able to use chopsticks anytime I would be eating Chinese food. Now I use them for most of my meals, that chopsticks can be utilized. It was hard at first to be able to use them since I didn’t fully remember any of the pointers on how to hold them or use them. I finally gave up trying to do so by myself and resorted to external help namely YouTube. YouTube gave me a variety of videos and styles that I could try out and see which one matched my own style and comfortability, ultimately helping me achieve and perfect my own personal style. I am going to mainly focus on a time where I would feel insecure about going to an Asian food place and being handed chopsticks and not really knowing how to effectively be able to use them. This scene motivated me to learn how not to look like a fool in front of your friends and be able to blend in, since I was the only one that didn’t really know how to use them. It spurred me on to becoming the one who was able to excellently handle any type of chopstick, since there is a variety of kinds, and not be insecure about it anymore.

                  I have always been a fan of anime, Japanese shows, and on these shows you would always see the characters using chopsticks. This was what surrounded my everyday life so i slowly but surely started to integrate chopsticks as my tool for eating. When I would use them, though , I would not be able to enjoy my meals because it would take a long time for me to just get one grain of rice or one noodle at a time. It was also embarrassing being with my friends or loved ones while trying to use them because every time I would try to get food the chopsticks would cross and the food would slip off or I would get cramps from using them for a period of time and ultimately end up reverting back to forks to finish off my food. I would always be thinking, “I hope they don’t say anything or I hope they didn’t see that.” It was these moments that kept me up at night thinking and not being able to sleep. I was replaying the scenes in my head over and over and thinking, “ Oh man did I really do that?” or “ Did I really look like that?”  It was after these moments where I was thinking of new ways to try to learn and be more effective at wielding chopsticks all while not being able to sleep.

                  Then I remembered and thought, “That’s it!”, that YouTube always has the answers. YouTube is a social media site that works as a video sharing.  Whenever we need to fix something or learn how to use something or do anything you can always YouTube it. And that’s exactly what I did. I searched, “how to use chopsticks,” and it gave me a whole list of different videos relating to my search. I was scrolling down the list to see the lowest playtime a video would have in order to see what would be the fastest way to learn how to use them. After watching as many videos as I could I decided to test it out. I searched around my room and found  two Ticonderoga yellow pencils, one with chewing marks and a half used pink eraser and the other a brand new unused one, and thought “ Perfect!” Now I was ready to see if I was able to pick up any items and to see if the videos did actually help. I remember being so overjoyed that I was able to use pencils that were different in length, in a manner similar to chopsticks and be able to use them to grab items around my room. So I now was ready to conquer the ever challenging task of chopsticks and not be a fool in front of anyone. The next time I was eating with chopsticks I felt inner confidence and I was ready to show whomever I was with that I had mastered the art of chopsticks. It was easier this time because I remembered my practice with the pencils and how they were uneven and yet I was still able to use them. The chopsticks that I got were the normal disposable ones that any Asian place would give you, and they were very lightweight compared to the two pencils. I finally in my head but with a smile on my face said, Yes, I finally did it!” My friends looked at me weirdly and asked, “Are you okay?” I answered, “Of course!” They weren’t able to understand what I had gone through to get to the point that I was at; it’s interesting to note that it was only I who was enthusiastic of my progress since the other people didn’t really care if I was good with them or not. Now I was able to eat effectively and enjoy my food

                 Ultimately, I felt like a champion who was able to overcome a wall and I felt a great sense of pride being able to overcome this even if no one else acknowledged my accomplishment. This little obstacle that I had to overcome wasn’t only about looking great in front of my friends, moreover it was about me being able to learn and apply something that was unique to me. It helped me in realizing that I am able to accomplish anything that I put my whole heart to do and also by asking the correct people or going to the correct places for help. I was now able to feel confident whenever I was eating with chopsticks; I was now a fly-catching chopstick master. Consequently, I was now able to approach any other obstacle in a similar manner, and with experience, overcome it.