Music is something we all listen to it’s a normal thing to hear at least three to four times a day. It was always around me, but it never made a huge impact until I started to learn it. Many say music is the expression of your soul but many people think that anyone can learn it or teach it. That’s not true music is taught and learned by many but only true musicians understand the music and the expression and story it gives to the people that listen to music in everyday life. But to me, it’s a literacy that has shaped my life and the beginning of my musical journey started in middle school.

I started music at a juvenile age, but not because I wanted to it. I was the place in the class for my elective. I started on tenor saxophone but because my band teacher said I didn’t have enough air for it in actuality the teacher just didn’t want to spend the time to teach me. So I moved to the piano but the piano isn’t used in a middle school band so then I moved to percussion. I learned how to play three different instruments in my middle school band but because of different techniques that are required and the requirements for the band, I was the one that had to move and learn music three different times. It wasn’t my worst experience with learning music. But that wasn’t my worst experience with learning music it was just testing the waters.

In high school, since I was focused on only the drums, I thought I would be learning the music more. But, I was wrong again. I learned some marching technique for marching band and some cadences. But if you asked me what was an E flat major scale was I would just tell you to look it up. In percussion, you’re supposed to learn all these instruments: xylophone, bass drum, crash cymbals, gong, snare drum, suspended cymbal, Etc. But with a teacher that had no experience with percussion and that has no money to get you an instructor it hard to learn all of these by yourself. I learned off of the older people in my section they thought through simple exercises for the pieces we need to learn. But if we didn’t know it we all would come up with ad lib that we can all go off of.So our percussion section learned how to listen to the feel of the music and only one or two knew all the tones and notes of the music. Not until I moved on from high school did I start learning the truth behind every song.

With a bad experience in high school, I thought I would never do music again. But I don’t like to give up on something that easily so I gave learning music another chance. In college is where  I fell in love with music again and I actually saw myself doing it as a career. I decided to take a music theory one my first semester in college. Which is where  I meet Professor Aranda who inspired me to pursue music further even though I was still on the fence about it because of past experience with it. It was his introduction in class and how he talks about music in his life that made me want to learn music more. He said this, “I know many of you don’t think of a career in music and just wanted to become a better amateur musician and many of you are here to get your arts units done. But by the end of this class, many of you might change your mind. Just know I’m a teacher that has not only went to school for music but has had music in my life since the age of like five. I can’t see myself doing anything else. To do something you truly love every day of your life is a dream come true.” I saw that he meant what he was saying and truly loved music and not for the paycheck either.  He gave of little tools to teach us about intervals which are the distance between the main note and the next note played. Other things like acronyms and different devices to learn different things in music. It’s hard to put it in so many words about all the things use to learn music since it was so many. Professor Aranda made music fun and helped teach me stuff I never knew before and things I didn’t even know existed in music. I love music but learn it from someone who’s the whole world involves music is a different story.

Learning music was just a hobby that went bad for so many years but because I never give up on I can be true to myself and do something that I love as my career. I’m still learning new things about music. Many people that are reading this think that this is a story about how I came to my decision of what major I was going to be in college. Some of that is true, but I have been a student of music for five years now and until last year I didn’t think I was going to be actually doing it for the rest of my life. Learning music has taught me more things than learning math had. It taught me that the language you speak or the country you’re from doesn’t matter as long as the music means something to you and your listeners. It taught me a whole new world of music and style and flavors that I could test out in the future. It also taught me a whole new family the people in the music department and music, in general, is really close and like another family to me. I may have learned scales and chord but what I really got out of learning music is more important than that to me. Music before college was like a chore to me that I could wait to be done with.  Learning music has made me understand some of my favorite songs or just song in general and now music is like a never ending adventure where I get to experience so many more possibilities that I never thought were possible.