Transgender people allowed to fight the battle that’s away from home, but now the new battle is at home fighting for their right. On August 25, 2017, the president, Donald J. Trump, signed a ban against new incoming military that prohibited Transgender individuals. The actions will take place on March, 18, 2018. In the Declaration of Independence there is a sentence that declares “All men are created equal.” That statement signifies that every person in the US is equal to one another; color, race, or gender should not define nor discriminate who a person is in the United States.  The recent action taken upon by the president is a tremendous act upon transgenders people discriminating them.  His decision to ban transgender people from the nation glorious military will never be forgotten in US history. Trump is really ready to put his name on this line for this. Taking away the right for people who want to serve the military and who have already been serving in the military. 

Transgender people have been on this earth for the equal time as every other human. The only difference between then and now is that people are more open to understanding what transgender is. A person that is transgender is either a man or a woman that believes that they are the opposite sex. The American Psychological Association states that “Transgender is an umbrella term for person whose gender identity, gender expression, or behavior does not conform to that typically associated with the sex to which they were assigned at birth.” Most transgenders change their bodies through hormones, surgeries, and any other types of body modification that will make a transgender person resemble the sex they choose to be. At every given point of time there probably has been a transgender person walking among others. In earlier time it was extremely frown upon by others who did not want to accept them into society. Now, in the 21st century we have more transgender people than ever, by 2016 the number of transgenders have double, according to Jan Hoffman, from the New York Times, that the information was from federal and state data. It is because people are finally accepting them for who they are.  

They are able to come out and let society know they are transgender. However, no matter what they are still being discriminated for who they are. Transgender’s are being discriminated at work, to being in public, to student that attend any school (elementary, middle, high school, college), and now also the glorious US military. In a recent survey taken by the National Transgender Discrimination Survey, it shows that twenty six percent of transgender have lost their jobs. Transgender are losing their jobs due to being discriminated and fifty percent of transgender were being harassed at the job sites. Transgenders were even being taken away the right to even buy a house. Transgender students that are attending school show that around seventy eight percent of them where being harassed at school campus. A place where people believe to be a safe haven. One bigger issue is that President Trump is banning transgender from the military. He is showing that we cannot have transgender people, that it will weakened the United states military.  

As a Donald having such a big ego, he had to start from somewhere. Donald Trump was born in Queens, New York city. He started off as a young man doing a vast number of things by himself. He learned from his grandfather and mostly from his grandmother, Elizbeth Christ Trump. He was sent off to Warton school of the university Pennsylvania. He achieved an economic degree from there. In the beginning of his school life, he attended a New York military school at the age of 13 were he would learn the basic: how to cook, kept a clear living quarters, and to having a well-disciplined mind which would later help him out in life. As Donald grew older he was finally sent off to college where he got a degree in economics. During this time, Donald was not drafted to the Vietnam war, neither did he try to enlist to the reserves. Instead, Donald began to make the family name grow bigger than ever. His father helped him with ” a small loan of one million dollars” on quote by Donald Trump. With that small loan he was able to become a very wealthy man, by 1982 Forbes Magazine declared Donald Trump to be one of the wealthiest men alive. By 2015 when he made an announcement that he will be running for president his net worth was around ten billion dollars. The biggest quest for Donald Trump was making a name for himself like his ancestors did. As Donald was becoming a great entrepreneur he was also making sure that his name was heard, and that his name will be seen everywhere, like buildings and front page of magazines. For the whole world to know who he was, to now, 2017 as him being the frothy fifth president. As a man to have his name in everyone’s eyes, ears, and mouth. Why would Donald want to make his name the root of evil for transgenders being banned in the military. 

Recently on September 5 a military service member stated a suit {“This action, brought on behalf of transgender individuals, seeks to ensure that all qualified Americans have an equal opportunity to serve in the United States military, that transgender individuals are free from arbitrary and invidious discrimination and that the constitutional rights of transgender individuals to autonomy, privacy and freedom of expression are respected and protected.”} These transgender people are willing to fight for what is right, that it should be equal. If they are already in the military, why not accept more. People in the office believe that they are not capable enough to execute a mission. Or maybe that their surgery may get in the way of war and training. On behalf of the transgender, they are put through the same test as any other military service member. If they cannot meet the required standard then it will be just like any other training service member had to go through. If you don’t pass, Tough luck and better luck next time. If the service member passes then they go on to the military life. In many cases transgenders have a gender switch surgery which some believe that I will interrupt the military life. As any other military service member, they will just have a set appointment for when a transgender will have the operation. Ever military service member also has their time of leave when it is given to them. Being on leave does not last forever, you must come back to complete your duty as a military service member. If a transgender person can complete the same task, and have nothing wrong with them. Give them the chance to serve this country they are greatly willing to protect. 

This is the great United States of America, and our 45th president is Donald J. Trump. He is the face of this country; his name is bigger than ever before. Just how transgenders are fighting for their name, Donald did the same to achieve his. Donald never back down from building his empire. Now transgender needs help more than ever to finally be a step closer to being completely equal in this society and not discriminated anymore. Donald Trump is the man who can make this whole ordeal be riddance. To be known as the president who removed all non-equal right from the military. To have his name be remember forever in history. To finally have the “Trump,” be at its greatest gratitude for making this United States military equal. If a transgender can fight and lay down their life like any other service members, let them fight for what they believe in. 


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