Everyone is familiar with the pill epidemic. Its affected millions of people all across the world. It’s such a huge problem you might know someone who is facing this disease. Its sad to see so many people seek help for their mental health then become addicted to anxiety, pressure , and depression pills. An alternative to those medications could be a natural solution that is not addicting and that would stop the millions of deaths. It is such a shame on the United States government to pass the “Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970”,which is the War on Drugs, because it never gave an actually scientific results and actually halted the research. It made it extremely difficult to fund a research in these natural alternatives ,and to actually find there medical benefits. Cannabis, Psilocybin Cubansis(Magic Mushroom), Caapi(Ayahuasca/DMT) have been around for thousands of years for ceremonies, cleansing, and it’s healing factors and properties. These natural medications could also have less side effects while some prescription medications can cause more problems than the one it is solving or even lead to death.
                   Sadly during the 60’s the research for psychedelics was put to a halt because of the War on Drugs during the Nixon presidency. The findings were more spiritual than anything else and had little to do with researching actual medical benefits. They were just barely starting trying to figure out what this is. No major break throughs happened until it recently started to gain more of acceptance and the government gave them funding. It seems they have finally made some progress on the medical benefits of Cannabis, Psilocybin, and Caapi. While all of them alter your state of consciences it turns out that may mean a whole lot of different things, from being at one with yourself and not stressing, to being able to tolerate people you dislike. It can help people with Depression, PTSD and Bipolar disorder. Out of 418 people more than half of them had an over all increase in a general wellness. They use a new way to research and have a certain itinerary on how to dose and when for people. (It is still being research as you read and they are accepting donations)
                     With research the biggest problem will be the side effects and potential for abuse. Anything can be abused, but so far the research has shown it is not addictive. The side effects differ from person to person depending on they’re mental health. Micro-dosing(eating small doses .2grams) with Psilocybin when done correctly does not cause any hallucinations and does not have any know side effects. Cannabis depending on the person, which form it is taken and also the tolerance and amount for the person can have a mellowing effect or if taking too much they can have a panic or be too intoxicated to function. The Side effects almost have no comparison to the side effects of prescription pills.Since its ban in the 60’s its created a new section of the black market, but surprisingly because of its availability and the type of people who uses them the death and assault rates are low. Crime associated with psychoactive drugs seem to be lower even compared to prescription pills. It brings a strange suspicion on why these are a schedule 1 drug when it could be as a medicine. It seems the most dangerous part is getting arrested for it. There was little crime until the War on Drugs started.
               The new phenomenon of micro-dosing and other natural remedies has helped so many people who thought they have exhausted all there options for there mental health. My cousin who, turned 40, has recently started taking pills for his depression and anxiety over the past 2 years. He has recently started to see a therapist, but he said that he did not feel like he could connect to anyone listening to him. He has seen three people over the last 2 years(I don’t know how many times per Dr). About 2 months ago he was telling me about his feelings and they came pouring out. I honestly didn’t know how to handle it, but i just started talking about meditation and self reflection. I told him about this new way of medicating. I talking to him about micro dosing and how there is a lot of new research being done on how it may help people who take depression or stress pills. He was somewhat intrigued, but he felt like he was too old. After explaining how it should be dosed and explaining the benefits He felt comfortable enough to try it. (IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER :HE SUPPLIED HIS OWN MEDICAL PSILOCYBIN) After micro dosing for 10 cycles, a little longer then a month, I saw him and his attitude had change to this calm, relaxing aura. I asked him about his over all wellness for the last week and he said, “I’m consistently more optimistic and the days seem nice, almost pleasant.” He told me that his depression is almost gone and his social anxiety was also down.
                  The majority of people who use this recreational drug are a nice and lovely. This is not a community of gang banger. The discovery of LSD was by Hoffman, a chemist from Switzerland. Psilocybin and Caapi has been used by Natives for thousands of year for its mystical properties. People who use these do not assault people or go around doing home invasions for the next fix. Most people who uses these might consider them selves hippies and most are all about peace and love. They are all about connecting with each other and the respecting the earth. The worst is being associated as a tweeker or junkie. Yet another staple of the social stigma on these natural alternatives. The social stigma on Psilocybin, much like cannabis, has stopped its medical potential and now the veil has been lifted to start more researching. If we could have researched these alternatives instead of just making them illegal maybe we would have never had this pill epidemic. Who knows maybe after more research these alternatives might even be a cure instead of just masking the problem. Its crazy how some of these prescriptions medications can be healthy for you but also damage your liver, stomach or become addicted to the medication.

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