Children with disabilities, such as visual impairment or a reliance on assistance devices, deserve fair treatment by able-bodied and able-minded people. Abled people both adults and children should learn about and befriend people with disabilities. Disability is one facet of a whole person; disabled people have likes and dislikes strengths and weakness, and the same need to socialize, to feel respected, and to be loved. They should get treated by befriending others with or without disabilities, they can encourage their child to learn and be friend to children who have disabilities. Every disability has only one characteristic of a person. People can have multiple facets: what is their likes and dislikes, and their strengths and weaknesses. The Children with disabilities are like all children that they want friends, respect and love also to be included. Not every children who does not like being alone and depressed. Many children can be born disabled and have autism from a curse or blessing. Just because someone who has physical disability some parts of the body do not work well, they can do many of the things like how children without disabilities can do, but it takes time for them to learn. They may need to have assistance or adaptive equipment with them. “Disabled children often fabler due to circumstances beyond their control. Thus in order to ensure those children’s success we must build environments that accommodate them alongside neurotypical students.”

Who are the children in need at school? These students may need additional school support or accommodations. Many children with special needs can attend public or private school; if the children have a classmate with special needs, she or he may notice certain things. Special teachers come to the classroom to work one-on-one with the student. Sometimes students can choose to leave the room for a part of the day or stay after school for additional support for their homework or special therapy. Accommodations may be presented in the classroom. For example, a teacher may wear a microphone so that a student with a hearing impairment so they can hear better in school. So the teacher should be able to speak louder when people can hear them and understand what they are saying. What special help should be done with this situation? Most parents, who have children with disabilities, would prefer that other adults ask them about their children directly, instead of avoiding them.

How the education system affects children with conditions? Autism is a complex developmental disability that affects a child’s ability to communicate and interact with others.  According to an article issued by Penn State Online Website “Demand is high for trained special education professionals who can work with the approximately 1.5 million Americans affected  with autism. How teachers  are able to help children with autism, they are able to encourage play and social interaction and focus on nonverbal communication.” Teachers can help them learn and speak, to get better, and be more open social person, children can go to a speech therapist and get help from the speech therapy. Children can be happy and let go being stress, with the help with speech therapist.

According to Autism Speaks Goodwin Procter LLP an article was issued by the company to reach out an explain to parents how they can get better education and help for their children in need. The company states in their article, “… generously put together a helpful guide to help families understand the IEP process as their loved ones head back to school… What is a “Free and Appropriate Public Education” (FAPE)? As described previously, IDEA provides for a “free and appropriate education” for all children with disabilities. Each word in this phrase is important, but “appropriate” is the one that relates specially to your special needs child. Your child is entitled to an education that is tailored to his or her special needs and a placement that will allow them to make education progress.” As a child with special disabilities I was not giving the opptunity I deserve instead of receiving proper education I was treated as an isolated student, all we do is watch movies but I was not learning very much, learning in the board is much better learning. the class sizes were small but teaching style it was okay, all I do take notes and listen in class, I thought I was learning but I was not, I was solving math problem as groups we all take test and do homework. Also we never get homework after class. We always do homework in class for no reason.

What is “least Restrictive Environment” (LRE)?  The LRE are for students who have disabilities who get to be educated with non-disabled peers, they get access to general education curriculum, or any other program. According to the article issued by the As specified in the IDEA, your child is also entitled to experience the “least restrictive environment.”  This means that your child should be placed in environment in which he or she has the greatest possible opportunity to interact with children who do not have a disability and to patriciate in the general education curriculum. This is commonly referred to as mainstreaming or inclusion. There may be no greater challenge facing public schools today than the staggering increase in children diagnosed with autism. According to L. Vincent Strully, founder and CEO of the New England Center for Children, one of the oldest and largest private for autism in the United States. “They are innovative programs, that are autism and modeled after some of the most highly regarded, expensive and private schools. They may need to have changes the future for special-needs kids.” Not only for the children fortunate enough to get into one. Also they may have change the future of autism education throughout the United States, but not anytime soon.

When I was in junior high school vineyard, the teachers taught me to be mature and behaved and help me in classes. But I was bullied and having trouble understanding class, which Asperger that is minor autism that prevents me not understanding and not listening in class. However I had speech therapy teacher would help me speak and listening problems. Most parents of their children who have mental disorder illness or a development disability like autism,  it is a lot of tasked for very people to help their child to succeed: his teachers and administrators. No one can understand about people who have mental disorder because they have no loving caring for the kids who have autism, being alone is worst part when people are watching you being alone. That is why disability children should not be treated that way. One day children will understand what it means not to be alone and have friends around them.  

My elementary and my junior high did not prove me with my decent education and according to the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS) “that a child with disabilities must be educated in the least restrictive environment (LRE).” I was not taking a right class of what I needed to graduate, all I took was basic classes that did not provide me proper education, instead they provided me classes that all we did was watching goofy movies and playing games that were not educational.

“Disabled children often fabler due to circumstances beyond their control. Thus in order to ensure these children’s success we must build environments that accommodate, them alongside neurotypical students.” How students should be treated if they have disability? The parents can take them to speech therapy business and help them with their stuttering and communicate with other student one-in-one, how they would do that, they can play social board game that helps them. Other words, A child with a disability should be entering school, they should have support will be there for them, when the disability children are in years 5 and 6. Education reform is important, however is not just for the sake of fairness for the children with disability, because the company has damage their society by not ensuring that everyone has access to a decent quality education. The parents of children with disability who have same dreams for their children as all parents; they can feel accepted and happy at school, that their education equips them for life and work after school.. Until they fix school funding, and ensure that all schools meet minimum standards, that they are failing these children. The Vice Principal told me that I will never move forward to my life however I proved them wrong by being living proof.





























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