The Book of Unknown Americans, by Christina Henriquez, had an attention grabbing detail which was a bullying argument between Garret and Mayor. Why was this topic chosen about bullying? There are many different reasons why Garret become a bully, such as parental abuse, financial problems at home, or even peer abuse.

In the book, Garret is showed bullying, drawing Maribel and settling his hands on her. This is considered bullying because it is unacceptable because they can fall down and hurt themselves. He is going against her will. And also he can get himself into trouble and can go to jail. It is also considered sexual harassment because it is against law because they can get hurt and feel anxiety. He can get himself arrested and can go to jail for long time and get himself banned for going to many public places.

In the book, Garret was bullying Mayor and Maribel. Garret had been bullying Mayor since the previous year, pointed at Mayor, laughed and called her names with bad language. Garret wanted to humiliate Mayor by using where he came from to humiliate him. Garret did this because he wanted to take away Mayor’s respect. “He is using it to further to put him down and to be disrespectful  where he came from” (14). And Garret flung his boot at his chest. This is considered bullying because by calling him names, all the kids and few guys in the locker room snickered at him and also Julius too. By name calling someone affects their mentality in an unpleasant way; making a person feel like what they are told is true. An example being if someone is told they are stupid over and over, they will start to develop a mindset thinking that they really are that stupid and they could not accomplish anything. When they can be one of the smartest people in the world and that person has been put down so much that they do not see it.

Also Garret attempts to sexually molest Maribel by pulling her glasses off himself. When Maribel tried get them back, he tossed her sunglasses up in a high arc over her head and let them land on the wet pavement. She bent down to get them, and Garrett crowded up behind her, settling his hands on her lips, drawing her against him. This is considered bullying because it is wrong and hurtful to others; By doing this to a person can cause someone’s anxiety to sky rocket because whether or not they know the person it can lead into the chances of physical abuse and or even the chance of rape that can lead them to go against their will. The only person who helps her is named Alma, who stops him from bullying her. People should be helping others if they are getting bullying because it is always good to stood up for the person, and it shows care, respect, and encourage to help the person who are getting bullied. 

In the book, Garret uses bad language towards Alma, Maribel, and Mayor. What really made Garret use bad language was when Mayor bumped Garret’s boot, which was on the floor in front of him. And when Alma stood up for Maribel and told him to leave her alone, and he used further bad language. He is using a lot of foul language, and this is a further symptom of bullying.

There are many different reasons why Garret become a bully such as parental abuse, financial problems at home, or even peer abuse. This book takes me to my own personal experiences. I was bullied in junior high and high school. I have been teased, and people made fun of me. I felt like I was hurt and intimidated. I have been put down a lot due to bullying and that is giving me the mentality of not wanting to push forward thinking I will make mistakes. Since junior high school, I never told or said anything to my parents or school about being bullied because I was embarrassed and afraid that if I would have turned them in after they would have got out of their suspension who knows how they would react towards me; whether or not they would have learned their lesson or come back at me ten times worse. I would feel like not wanting to go to school anymore and not wanting to learn and graduate. My parents knew that I did not deserve to get bullied and to get mistreated in school. Until high school, I start going to the school office and explaining to them and had to write a statement, what is her/his name and what they look like. Until they saw that I was being bullied solved the problems, everything went well. I felt glad and relieved. Some kids who are bullying other kids, they should get punished; either they get suspended or go to juvenile jail. All I wanted was to be friends with them and have them accept me as friend with respect. Most bullies told me I was not going to be able to graduate with my autism, but until the end, I proved them wrong, and I was able to graduate with a high school diploma. Bullying can be happening everywhere in public especially in college or university, which they have security and police around campus to protect and stop bullying. Christina Henriquez shows Garret was naturally already a bully, but because parent abuse, financial problems and peer abuse. and these kinds of behaviors can show in modern day bullies. There was a quote my old counselor used to say to me when it came to deal with bullies. “Their behavior has negative consequence and regrets, also it relates to my proposal when I was in Jr high and high school,” said Kevin Morris, Counselor at Los Osos High School. Why is good to help people, because it earn people their trust and build happiness society for everyone.

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