In the book of Genesis, it speaks about how Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden, which was a metaphor that they should have not eaten the fruit because of pleasure they received would be immoral. In the book of “The Book of Unknown Americans” written by Christina Henriquez, a young boy named Mayor Toro finds love in the pleasant place called home. There are things between the girl, Maribel Rivera, and mayor that are different. They both came from the other side of the border, but Maribel came from Mexico and Mayor came from Panama. The Toro family was more establish family because they have been living in America for a longer time. Both Mayor and Maribel have deep emotion feelings towards each other but it takes time for both of them to find out what love really mean between them. The real reason is that the parents of the Toro’s and the Rivera’s do not know how to cope with their young ones love, if it is true or not. 

Both Mayor and Maribel live in the same apartment complex that is located in Delaware, Ohio. Both family are from Hispanic parts of the world, as the Rivera family is from Mexico and the Toro family is from Panama, but both made the long hard struggle to get to the United States. The Toro family came to the US to live the American dream and for their kids, Enrique the oldest and Mayor the youngest to get a better education then they would in Panama. The Toro family has been living in Delaware for about nine years, where the father has a job at a local restaurant, working as a cook. The Toro kids both attend school, but the older son Enrique played soccer extremely well and was even giving a scholarship to play for Maryland University. As for Mayor he was just a normal kid who did not have much going for him other than being the golden child that rarely got in trouble. Mayor really did not have to many friends at school other than his one friend William, which William would resent him sometimes because Mayor would not hang out with him as much as William wanted him too. Mayor did have one other friend and that was Maribel. Which later would be the girl he would fall head over heels for. 

The Rivera family came along way to the US to get the best of help for her beautiful daughter. It all started when Maribel was young and wanted to go to her father, Arturo, job site. She beg and beg her mother to let her go but her mother was not the one calling the shots to let her go. Her father was the one who made the calls but this time he was in a good mood and decided that it will be okay if Maribel went. They all went as a family to the job site and worked together, but Maribel only being fourteen was not doing as much as the others. As Arturo was working he needed another bucket of mud for the roof he was building, he was going to have one of his workers bring it up because it was heavy bucket. Instead Maribel brang up the bucket to surprise him, she went all the way up and gave Arturo the bucket, then while coming back down; that’s when the accident happened. “Maribel dropped two stories to the ground below…Her neck snapped back. Her eyes closed.”(Henriquez 100). Maribel had suffered from traumatic brain injury and had swelling in her brain from the fall, the only thing that could be done was surgery. In the word of her mother “it wasn’t the surgery that stole her from us. It was the accident.”(Henriquez 104). Now Maribel has lost some neurons and cannot conduct things as well as she used to. She needs help with common everyday things, that why her parents want to go to United States to get the best of help for their daughter. They have much better school for people who have learning disability’s in the US then in Mexico. Now the Rivera family lives in the same kind of apartment complex where the Toro family lives also. This is how Mayor finally got his glace at the beautiful Maribel. 

Mayor was a boy who did not have any feeling really towards anyone except when he first laid eyes one Maribel. “She was skinny and petite. Big, full lips and a long, thin Indian nose. Black hair that reached down her back in waves. Long-as-eyelashes.”(Henriquez 40). He was a statue frozen in time staring at the most beautiful thing he eyes could have every imagine. When the mothers of the Rivera and Toro met in the Dollar store they had a conversation and Mayor tried to have a conversation with Maribel. That did not go so well, as he was asking question as she was not answering back. He was confused why she was not answering back, but that was because he had not known that she had a mental disability. Till after he heard Alma, Maribel mother, say Evers, which is his mind he knew it as “The school for retards.”(Henriquez 43). That did not stop the love for Mayor towards Maribel, as one time when they were being dropped off from school, him coming on one bus and her on another, he was dropped off first. Maribel bus dropped her off second, but a local bully had been waiting for her, named Garret. Garret didn’t know she had problem but that did not stop him from touching her in the wrong way. Mayor saw the whole thing happen and decided to step up and defend her, telling Garret “Leave her alone.”(Henriquez 71). He did leave them alone after a while; after that whole ordeal Mayor finally had a sort of, real conversation with Maribel. They sat at the bottom of the stairs where the rain would not hit them, and talked about simple things like, homework, habaneros, and her notebook. As time went by the Rivera and Toro family went to church together and would go to the Toro house after to spend time. That when Mayor had his chances to hang out with Maribel. The more Mayor and Maribel hung out,  the more her ability to talk and do other thing became greater in time, but so did their relationship. 

As Mayor and Maribel were able to spend more time with each other, you can say their feelings grew stronger, well Mayor definably did. Then one day on Christmas, Mayor got Maribel a present, she opened it and it was a scarf, but that was not the climax of the scene. It was when Mayor decide to go in for a kiss, which they did. Next was when Maribel spoke to Mayor about the car his family got and said “It’s sad? it’s lonely…should we visit it?”(Henriquez 171). Then it finally hit Mayor what Maribel was trying to do. They went to the car and talked for a while, then kissed, then Mayor got a little to excited and gave himself a wet crotch. Later on, a woman would come to the Rivera family telling them that she saw them in the car kissing and doing other things. That’s when Alma and Arturo where upset at the fact that this inquiry had happened. At the same time kind of understood because they knew she was getting better with Mayor being around. The Rivera’s where over protective of their daughter but what parents would not be, especially since she had a disability. Mayor father had a different feeling towards Mayor liking Maribel, that, why could he just find a normal girl. Mayor was tired of everyone telling them what to do and took his own actions in his own hands. He decided to take Maribel and him both on a trip in the car Mayors dad purchase to the beach where they can be alone. He drove all the way their while they had some conversation, but when they were their then got very intimate with each other. Mayor loved this woman and would let anyone stop them from loving each other. As if it was a hearty love movie. 

There is the movie called the Notebook, when this man and woman fall deeply in love with each other, but are not allowed to be in love because of her parent do not want to accept this man. It goes just as for the Rivera’s, that they do not want to accept Mayor because they don’t think anyone is good enough for Maribel. This man from the Notebook goes out of his way build a house for them, doing thing he would never do. Just like Mayor going out of his way taking Maribel to the beach. Theirs a time when the man goes years without seeing her and has to try and cope with that, but then he gets his chance to see her again. As Mayor was grounded and could not see Maribel, he later had his chance to see her once again too. Both of these people, the Man from the Notebook and Mayor have one thing in common and that is no matter what happens, they want what is for the greater good for the one they love. In a book “Season of a heart” a short quote “Realize and believe that the smarts, pizzazz, and the experience life has given you are valuable and attractive.” Mayor knows that she has some problems with her, but that doesn’t stop him from truly devoting himself to her. 

Everything happens in this world for a reason, Mayor was meant to meet Maribel and to have a good life. Same goes for their parents to make the love between the two kids a very hard struggle. In time they were able to achieve greater things for each other. As Alma understood that Mayor was more of a blessing trying to help Maribel in every small way he possible could. That love is a bond that cannot be broken. Parents thinking that this is a forbidden love but really it is this bond of two young people who break past that, of thinking it is forbidden, in really its exactly right. 


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