In the book they all moved to America for a better life. Immigrants and refugees are seeking what the United States stands for life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness ! No one should be persecuted for wanting a better life no matter ware there journey takes them. We were all immigrants once in the United States, unless your Native American. United States is so great because of all the cultures and the diversity. If it wasn’t for the diversity here it would have never been built. With Trump as president the future seems uncertain on everything because he based his campaign on fallacies that are so vague that it can mean so many things to different people. He is a business man  first and he has not “drained the swamp” because all of his advisors were once big bankers for Goldman Sachs and now they can coheres. It’s hard to wonder how people from immigration are against it. Considering all of our ancestors were once immigrants. The jobs most immigrates take are under paid manual labor with minimal working conditions and most factory, assembly line, blue collar jobs are taken by robots. Who knows why the children of children of immigrants are against immigrants and or refugees. Fear of the uncertain in new people can lead to mistrust.

New immigration laws should be applied that are more analytical with data,statistics and formulas. We do not want criminals. Some of them may be bad but you can’t assume all of them are which is why different laws should be in place. Assuming a general idea for a whole group of people is very ignorant and that ignorance can lead to bigotry. The laws shouldn’t restrict entry into the US(unless you have a criminal case). A wall is not an answer to this problem. We do not want to seem divided or that we are back words thinking people who generalize a whole race of people. We must stand firm on person to person accountability to the law. We should not turn law abiding people who just want a better life away because regardless they will find a way if they have to. The most  bad part about undocumented people is that they have a strong fluctuation in macro economic statistics because they them self are not recorded but their payroll is. Which can cause statics to vary because of unknown variables.

The United States needed immigrants for its infrastructure. Who else would have been the manual labor for the railroads, picking food, or the South? Ever since Europeans migrated to the US, immigration has always been a major issue by Europeans. Only allowing a certain amount of visa or refugees through each year. We should be thankful how we got here and allow others to follow there pursuit of happiness. Many people come to the United States for a better life and do not come to with the intention of destroying it or take advantage of the government. People immigrate when there country falls on hard times and people thought the United States wasn’t effected by the recession but they did not know it started here then a domino effect happened so we were able to combat the recession much fast. Even with the recession though the United States still should represent the land of the free and home of the brave and now the “American Dream” is being treated on

In the story Adolfo says that americas problem is also mexicos problems because “they feed the beast” and it is somewhat true. We are bordering neighbors and the United States does have an appetite for living the fun life.  America has been know to have an huge influence in most parts of the world usually for there own personal interest. How can there be a supply without a demand? And the United States is very demanding and most of the time gets what it wants. How can you connect the United States recession to illegal immigration or refugees? United State is such a huge power house that once it entered a recession so did the rest of the world. You can’t blame others for your own problems or try to pass your problems on to an escape goat. We share the some of the same problems. Both sides are just looking at it through a different angle or perspective. You can’t blame Mexico for the problems the big bankers caused. Trump calling them “rapist” and “criminals”. There is sadly criminals in every society. There is no perfect race of people or a master race. Which is why there should be more practical approach for a foreign persons criminal records

Immigration is not a national security crisis. It will not lead to the down fall of the United States. Of course it does have its pros and cons, but what or who does not. The United States was founded by immigrants and then built by new immigrants over the decades. It should not be illegal for immigrants or refugees to migrate to the United States, land of the free, and have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Immigration is a founding principle of the United States, without it now of this would exist and Native Americans would still have this land. Even if they are not a legal citizen they are still productively contributing to our economy. They did not come over to take advantage of the United States government programs or to try to destroy the United States.  Some came from war torn countries .They came here to better them selfs and there families. They came for the “American Dream”.