Sexual commercials grab the attention of everyone, whether it is a child, a woman , or even a man.  The producers of these commercials purposely sexualize their products through commercials in order to grab the attention of everyone.  Many people do not really remember commercial only a few.  Blame the creators of these commercials.  These creators have to produce a commercial that will grab the attention of everyone, whether it is a catchy line, or even a funny joke, but in today’s era many producers like to sexualize their content in order to grab the viewer’s attention.

This particular skittles commercials uses sexual innuendos to draw people’s attention long enough to see the product that they are advertising.  This can be a very big issue, because children watch these commercials.  Children are not supposed to be viewing such content despite the fact that the creators of the commercial are only advertising skittles.  These kinds of commercials make us remember them for the sexualization of the product not for the product itself.  Many children view these commercials and question as to why or what those sounds are or people are doing.  Young children are not supposed to see two adults falsely having sex.  This commercial depicts a young couple recently married, having sex in a hotel room.  Then suddenly the man starts to ejaculate skittles into the womans mouth.  Children that view this content start asking questions, and yes this is only a skittle commercial, but these young children see something that they are not supposed to see at a very young age, and you can not do much about it because these commercials are being aired throughout many television channels.

This commercial oversuxualizes there product in order for us to view it.  Who wouldn’t look up to the t.v if you start to hearing moaning, and sounds that come from sexual activities.  Although sex is a big part of life that does not mean that everyone has to be open about it.  These creators do this to draw the attention in.  Majority of the attention comes from men …yes, but they forget to realize that they have young children who view these commercials as well.  The man in the commercial begins to ejaculate skittles into the woman’s mouth, and she begins to eat the skittles.  I am sure by now everyone knows what this is supposed to mimic.  The product that the creators are advertizing then becomes very sexualized.  This then causes many of us to remember this commercial or even causes us to go out and buy the product.  The attention then goes to the skittles but continues to be sexualized.  At one point the camera zoomed out and focused on the couple having sex, and the man has his pants off, and he is having sex with her from the back.  Yes, this is very sexual and this content is way too much for young viewers.  

The camera is then zoomed in to the man ejaculting into her mouth as he starts to speak to sexually.  The commercial then focuses on him ejauculating skittles, which is the main content of the commercial, well at least it is supposed to be.  Although these commercials do grab everyone’s attention it negates the fact that these oversexualized commercials start to corrupt the minds of these young children that see these commercials.  Young children are not supposed to see couples having sex, especially in a position as shown in the commercial.  These young children then start to ask questions like what are they doing? Why is throwing skittles? Or why is he in the back of her like that?  All these questions are coming from young children who do not need to know these kind of things.  Sexualization is the least effective when it is used on a product that is not normally associated with sex.  The sexualized content in advertising must be appropriate to the product category and have a proper underlying message.

If sex is perceived as irrelevant to the product, it may have a negative effect on attitudes and purchasing intention.  The sexualization of this product can cause us to forget about the product and only remember the sexual content.  Which then causes the product to not sell.  Usually when you start to hear moaning coming from your t.v the first thing you do is look up to the t.v to see what is going on, long enough to see the product of the commercial.  This can cause us to not like the product no more, and only remember the commercial for its sexualization and not the actual product that they are selling.  These commercials do not serve to persuade us to by but to not like there product any more.


Although sexaulization of skittles should not be used, in a way it causes us to be intrigued by the product.  The sexual appeal of the commercial was long enough to draw our eyes to the screen.  Many men who see this commercial are also intrigued and tricked into buying the product in hopes of recreating what they saw on the television.  Sex sells to a certain extent.  As a creator you must really realize exactly who you are going to target, if your purpose is to have everyone buy your product you must create the commercial to everyone’s liking not just men or even yours, because you can not forget that even children will view your commercial.  Or even men/women with certain religious beliefs, but if you are selling skittles you should not juts target men with this sexual content because now mothers who seen this commercial will possibly not even buy skittles anymore for their children because all they can think of now is the sexual content that was produced.  I know if I was a mother I would not allow my child to watch this commercial even if it is just a skittles commericla, because the oversexualtion of the product blinded the whole product itself.  There was too much sexualizaiton within this commericla to the point that I did not even think about skittles when watching this commercial.  Although SEX SELLS you must be careful as to who are selling it to.