Nowadays there are diseases and sicknesses all around the world, and people who have that sickness suffer and have to fight to stay alive. Having to take medication all the time and having to go through so much pain. But, if death with dignity were legal, that would make things much easier and less stressful. Some reasons why are because the person with the sickness does not need to go through so much pain and suffering, the person can know where and when they want to die , the person can end their life happy, physician assistance patients have a better chance of experiencing a painless and less traumatic death and patients can donate their organs to save others. Death with Dignity should be a law in every state in the US.

Death with Dignity can help a person a lot by giving them a choice if they want to die happily and from their own free will or to keep living with excruciating pain and suffering. For example, if there was a person with a sickness that is not curable. Most likely the doctor is going to give them medication to relieve the pain, but the pain will still be with them. Having to take medication everyday and worrying about if the person’s life will end are some scary things the person has to think about. If death with dignity was a law ,it would help the person in so many ways. In the article titled, “The Benefits of creating Right-to-Die Legislation” it says, “Pro: A patient’s death brings him or her the end of pain and suffering” (Torrey).If this is legal ,it will be a whole stress reliever to them, and if they die from the choice of death with dignity, at least they can die in peace knowing that the suffering is finally over.

Death with dignity is also good because it can give the person who wants to die the opportunity to pick the place and time they want to die. This is also beneficial to the one suffering because knowing when and how the person wants to die can help ease the anxiety. The person can choose where they want to die and also have friends and family to gather around for the person’s last breath in this world. In the article titled, “A terminally ill woman had one rule at her end-of-life party: No crying” it says , “She decided it was time, her family and friends said, and she set the date for a two-day celebration at her Ojai home.‘She knew she wanted a party; she wanted a gathering,’ Kelly Davis said, adding that her sister ‘wanted to challenge the notion of death and a big, happy gathering was a way for her to do that”(Bever).This shows how important it is to have the right to die because the person had the time to plan out her last days . It is a big relief because she is going to die joyful way mostly because she is surrounded by her friends and her loved ones.

Death with dignity is also good because the person can die happy.Knowing that the person is going to die soon, at least the person can die having a good laugh and make some memories before their death. Patients can arrange for final goodbyes with loved ones. Having a good last look at all the patients loved ones can be a good ending to the person’s life. In the article, “Death with Dignity:An Individual’s Choice” it says, “When Friday arrived, his three close friends were there for lunch; they took a number of pictures together with smiling, laughing faces”(Getter).This shows how the person does not have to end their life with pain and suffering, but to die having a good laugh with close friends. A better way to phrase this is how the patient decided to have a meet up with their close friends and enjoy their last time seeing each other. Death with dignity can be very helpful for the patient because it helps them die in peace

A good contribution on why the death with dignity is good is because patients have a better chance of experiencing a painless and less traumatic death, with physician assistance. Patients who are sick and in pain, for example, having to go through a kidney or lung surgery. Patients who don’t want to go through that because they don’t want to die unexpectedly. A process where lots of antibiotics and drugs used to try and rest the patient. All the blood that will be lost throughout the surgery. In an article called , “Should Physicians Help Terminal Patients die?” it states, “We are not talking about euthanasia, which is when a physician actually injects a lethal dose of medication into a patient.” The patient does not have to go through the processor surgery and excessive pain. All the patient has to do is take a lethal injection and the pain will slowly go away forever.

Another reason why the death and dignity should be a law in every state is because patients who are mentally and physically ill can donate their vital organs while they are still fine. Donating vital organs can make a huge impact in people’s lives because studies show that one organ donor can save up to 8 lives. When an organ donor is alive and willing to give up their organs to save other people is a hero. In an article, “ Organ donor wants to end her life to save others,” it talks about an MS patient that lives in Michigan named Sherri Muzher ,who wants to donate her organs while they are still viable. Ever since she was diagnosed with MS her abilities were slowly fading away and all that’s left is her brain and her struggle to even talk. Sherri knows that she is pain and she understands that her time is limited. She says, “ I ought to be able to donate my organs while they are still viable and can help some else.” This shows that her care for others are very strong. Although her body might not be fully useable her mind and her heart is still very strong.

Some people think that death with dignity should be illegal because it can be considered as murder. They think this because the people who are giving them the choice if they want to take it is like asking them if they want to get shot. They think that the doctors are pushing the patient to take the pill or the medicine.  However it is not murder because the person is choosing to end their life, not having someone kill them. They are doing it out of their own free will, and they think it is the best for them under the circumstances the person is in. The person is choosing to die like this, and does not want the sickness to come kill them. The patients could have an opportunity to die with dignity, without fear that they will lose their physical or mental capacities. A person should have a right to choose if they want to live ,or not, if the sickness is killing them. In the article, “8 Far-Reaching Pros and Cons of the Death with Dignity Act”it says, “It gives a person the right to die. Proponents say that a terminally ill person who wants to end his or her suffering has the right to choose whenever he or she wants to die, and should be spared from excruciating pain caused by the illness. They add that this is the same as a person’s right to live, get married, have children and refuse medical treatment, if he or she deem appropriate. If the state prohibits this, it is similar to curtailing a person’s right to liberty.” This shows how the person is choosing to die because of specific reason. So in the end it is not murder because the patient is showing how they want to die not because someone forced them to or not because someone shot or killed them. It’s only because a patient can make the final choice to die because they are either in pain or severely ill.

In conclusion, death with dignity should be a law in every state in the US. Reason’s being is that it can be an easy way out with less pain and suffering, the person can know when to die and where they want to die, the person can die happy, and organs can be donated. People who are sick and suffer from an illness should not go through that pain, no one should ever go through that. Plus if the person chooses to die with dignity they can choose what they want to do . Either if they want to die in a very kind manner or they are going to throw a party.  gives them the chance to do stuff they never did before. If this law can be in every state it can make other’s happy and make the person dying happy as well.

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