Children want to grow up quickly in my perspective. Parents allow these children to be as modernized as possible with keeping up with modern technology. I know that children as young as 7 years old to 12 year olds are exposed to so many dangers and the misuse of what it actually means to have a cell phone. I don’t want to say that children with cellphones are all bad because parents may have their reasons but the issue here is to limit their time on a cell phones. Children are so dependent on these devices, that instead of being a good benefit it turns out to make the kids suffer. I chose this issue because I’ve seen children become less and less sociable and become more and more worried of what they look like. The ideal woman and man and how they are supposed to look. Children should not be worried about these things at such an early age.

The effects that smartphones have on children causes permanent damage on the child that are so dependable on these mobile devices. The benefits a child might have by carrying a smartphone is that the parents know where their child might be for precautionary measures. The kind of phones that are adequate for a child should be phones that are limited to the internet access and the texting but should unlimited calls. Calls for emergency numbers only. There are so many dangers that children are exposed to through social media, you-tube, and things the children are curious about that shouldn’t be  out there for them to see. Social media such as snap-chat,Instagram, facebook, and even twitter. These things lead to cyber bullying, youtube for example I have nieces that watch people play with toys on video, these gives me the sense that children aren’t activate anymore they much rather see then do. Social media plays a big role in a development of a child causes them to have anxiety.  Anxiety that can lead to suicidal thoughts that later causes suicide.    

According to Sameer Hinduja who is a professor at Florida Atlantic University claims that, ” With mobile devices are used to send nasty text messages and make fun of others, expanding the bullying to cyber bullying which leads to depression, anxiety, low self esteem, suicidal thoughts and academic problems.” This is a prime example of why children shouldn’t have smartphones. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. in a personal point of view I believe parents should monitor and limit the use of internet on their children. Many people may disagree with me and say that children needed their privacy but no. Their are to many things going on for them to give them their space in a perspective I much rather be safe than sorry. The academic problems that they may face are lower grades in classes and not being able to concentrate. Smart phones are also being used to cheat on homework assignments and their test. This absolutely does not benefit the child in any way, shape or form. Children now in days know how to use a phone more than I do and I’m 20 years old and it shocks me to see this. Children have so much access to anything now, this is why children should be monitored while using their phones to prevent any leisures they might encounter. 

Not only having a smartphone leads to cyber bullying but also the amount of time children spend online and how it impacts their mental growth. Julie Lynn Evans who is a child psychotherapist for 25 years, states that, ” Serious mental health problems among children, difficulties of their growing such as smartphones provide information of obvious concerns such as anorexia and other eating disorders, self harming, and chat rooms where bullying occurs. Parents should monitor their children’s technology consumption and set a good example with their own smartphone use.”  Commenting on the eating disorder and anorexia, its true that having a smart phone does effect children this way because one of my cousins wouldn’t eat. She would take her food to her room and a couple weeks went by until my aunt finally noticed that my cousin wasn’t eating, she was actually stuffing the food under her bed and it was because she didn’t want to eat and get and then get bullied. My cousin is 9 years old. Can you imagine this a 9 year won’t eat because she’ll be body shamed and won’t fit the standards of society. Smart phones do effect the development of a child in such a negative way that may cause to permanent damage not just physically but mentally as well.  Seeing a child go through this isn’t pleasant at all. From a point of view of being on the other end of watching this through my nieces i wouldn’t want this to happen to any other child. 

I summed up so much information from the self esteem to suicidal thoughts in children all due to the fact that they have smart phones. But its not all bad about smart phones its how they put them to use and how they are put to use . You see the internet has its benefits that can be a great tool with the right responsibility and the right monitoring from a parent to a child. Children’s lives are at risk, there are so many dangers that they may face and I truly believe that with the research that  I have discovered people can be more open minded about the issue and actually do something about it. Parents should be a little more in their child’s life until I say 18years old when their space should be given. The new thing that I learned about my topic was the mental development of a child. I blew my mind to research the fact that smartphones can cause permanent damage to a child’s development. Its hard comprehend how dependable children are to society and fit the standards, that they are becoming less and less sociable and not be able to enjoy being a kid anymore. The conclusions I have made about my research is that children really shouldn’t have smartphones at all. Parents do not take care of their children if they did they would limit them by any means necessary. The questions I have still is why? why do parents find the need to give their 7-9year a phone with so much information, so much access? I don’t understand if these parents educated themselves to what they are exposing their child too. My mind was made up from the beginning after intensive research it has come to my attention that I wasn’t wrong expressing my thoughts the way I do. My family , my little nieces have been bullied, cyber bullied, and body shamed because of the ability to see things in their smart phone and becoming part of a society in which they shouldn’t worry about. The most convincing resource for me was with the professor from Florida Atlantic University. Her studies and research are credible and so relatable to the situation that really are prone to us and we as a society go blind to see because we fear that our child may be going through something like this. I believe that this is why parents don’t educate themselves about the actual dangers of handling their child a smartphone because they think, ” This won’t happen to my kid.” This has been an incredible research paper that I newly discovered information that I had no idea about just seen through my nieces and their experiences. 


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