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In nowadays the technology has become very important in our daily life. We can easily access many information from the social media or the knowledge media such as news seeds, Facebook, YouTube, Ted talk and so on. It is not surprising that in the present era everyone is exposed to technology. Nowadays, the technology is developing in a very fast way: soon the robot applications may be applied in the following decades. Many people think that robots and technology will never replace human beings, or go beyond the human brain. According to Brent Morgan “It will perhaps never be possible for such machines to completely replace the human resources. Humankind, the creator of the machines, will always to oversee directing, operating, and controlling the use of this technology.”(Morgan) it is possible that the artificial intelligence will surpass the human in some ways.

In 2016, Anthony Goldbloom gave a TED talk with the title “The jobs we’ll lose to machines- and the ones we won’t”. The presentation can be divided into two parts. First, he started with the present was expressed through worries that artificial intelligence will replace human by two types of jobs.(I really don’t know what you mean by here).

To begin with, jobs will be repeatable in nature, such as factory workers, Farmer, and so on. These people have been losing their jobs because of the machines put in place. In the next few years, machines will start replacing human on the jobs that have frequent, high volume tasks, such as Doctor, Lawyers, and so on.  The author cited some research results from Oxford University that “They concluded that almost one in every two jobs have a high risk of being automated by machines.”  He used these credible sources to convince the audience to believe what he said and to make more impact to the audience that in the future, human will be losing many jobs that we have today.

Anthony Goldbloom talked about his own company that is dedicated in operating on the cutting edge of machine learning. “What they do is to bring together hundreds of thousands of experts to solve important problems for industry and academia. This gives us a unique perspective on what machines can do, what they can’t do and what jobs they might automate or threaten.” Anthony gives the audience with some logical reasons to make it feel like more reasonable and acceptable. He used his own experience to express how he felt about the artificial intelligence and also it can make the audience more relate to the topic that he is talking about.  Machine learning has two most common learning methods: supervised and unsupervised. Jesus Rodriguez explained that “supervise learning models use external feedback to learning functions that map inputs to output observation.” and “unsupervised models focus on learning a pattern in the input data without any external feedback.”

The first part of the presentation is more on demonstrating knowledge in an informative way while the second parts of his presentation is more expressing the ideas and solutions and addressing the audiences’ concern that human should not be afraid machine will surpass humans. In the second part of his presentation, he talked about the limitation of machine : “machine can’t handle things that they haven’t seen many times before, because machines learning needs to learn from large volumes of past data. But for human, we can solve the problem or have the ability solve the problem that we’ve never seen before” he uses example of how microwaves was invented to support his ideas, and makes audience easy to understand his concept.  This is the entering point where he tries to infuse hope into audience that they should not be afraid of machine. because we still have opportunity to creating new business model and developing new business strategy. (I don’t understand the last sentence)

At beginning, the author mentioned his 9-month old niece as a start. The audience will be mainly focusing on the future generations, and their parents, and for the people that are worried about machine will surpass human, and replacing the jobs. On the future generation side and their parents. (I don’t understand what you meant).

They author pointed out a path that we have opportunity to stay ahead of the machines, with logic reasons, by pointing out the limitation of the machines learning. For the people who fear machine, artificial intelligence is kind of hot topic in this era, because it will potentially impact the economic. For example, jobs that will be taken by machine will cause many people’s loss of their jobs. It eventually will become a problem. The author gave a solution that he thinks that it can happen that how the machines will take over some repeatable jobs however, machines cannot compete with human on tackling novel situations. The author provides a solution by bringing challenge into everyday life. Which is well adapted to the audience. First, because it was a Ted talk, and most importantly is because Anthony used creditable researches to provide evidence to the audience, also gave logical reasons that why these things will happen in the future. That way he didn’t leave the audience with confuse and worries instead giving the experience that in the past, and he provide with more convincible solutions. ( I really don’t understand the last part of the last sentence)


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The article expressed that the Artificial intelligence can help human become stronger, it is to show that aritifical intelligence would not cause any danger fro humans. The reason why I think this article is important to my paper is kind of evidience to show why AI can be suprass human in the future.

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The article gives some example the application of the AI, espcielly in the area of Battle, how robot will be replacing human for the war. I think I will use this as compare the ability on what human can do and can’t do, the limitation for human, and what robot can do and cant do as example why AI can surpass human physically.

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Takahashi Hidenori expressed the dieas that what AI can do in the hosiptial, how the AI will help the doctor to cure diabetic, by using deep learning. This is important because health is one of the most important things in the world, by giving example that how AI will be replacing the doctor, and how the doctor will be come useless than now.

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The author explained one of strategy that how does AI works, deep learning is one of the way that AI can teach itself to learn staff. Why it is important in my paper, is because it is the best example to show, The creator for Alpha GO is just basically input the basic rule about chest, Alpha GO taught itself on how it play, and create it is own style.