Week 7 Journal Response

Week 7 runs Monday 11/28/2017 to Friday  12/1/2017

 This week we are studying “Real” monsters. For this week, I want you to consider what makes a “real” monster? Serial killers, mass murderers, spree killings, slasher films, etc. How do we create real monsters? How do we use monstrosity to separate us from those we do not want or understand? How is monstrosity used to “other” people?

Consider Monster Thesis 4 this week. The Monster Dwells at the Gates of Difference. We as a culture push out people/groups/others out of our group to make them monstrous. The monster originates within.

Any kind of alternity can be inscribed across (constructed through) the monstrous body, but for the most part monstrous difference tends to be cultural, political, racial, economic, sexual (Cohen 7).

Look for examples where we make someone or something different from us into a monster. 

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