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Monsters are everywhere. You see them when you go to work, going to school, watching a movie, in your dreams, reading a book, etc. Monsters are defined of how others perceive what a monster is and how its behavior is petrifying towards the public. However, monsters are defined as terrifying, frightening, and malicious. Unlike other supernatural beings, monsters have displayed infringement upon the innocence for quite some time, therefore fear will always be prevalent. Monsters intend to infringe those who exemplify vulnerability, however, what makes them infringe on the innocence? Where does fear in our hearts come from? As the start of mankind, fear has a place in all spirits of life. It defines humans to one day persevere from what haunts them the most in life. However, petrifying creatures such as, vampires, zombies, clowns etc. seem to always bring fear into people. In darkness, these creatures will prevail. Furthermore, we conclude that monsters desire fear with a passion, but do they disguise themselves as being friendly, do they do a funny dance, do they crack jokes, do they dress funny, most of all, do they feast on fear? Answer is, they do and this fearsome creature that defines the depths of apprehension is known as the scary clown. 

In Monster Culture, there are 7 theses that the monsters could be defined by. According to clowns, they seem to define Thesis VI as, “Fear of the Monster is really a kind of desire.” According to research, clowns become an onslaught towards the most vulnerable people. Clowns have a tendency of infringing others, but they hide it with their friendly disguises by staying dressed as clowns. They target children because it’s easier and their fears could be easily interpreted by their physical form. Clowns are perceived as pure evil. They’re coupled for what is familiar yet strange because people know how clowns could be perceived which is friendly but because of their reputation, it’s pretty skeptical to trust them. In addition, clowns exhibit an abnormal state of mind that makes them so frightening. After reading the Thesis, it mentions that, “Through the body of the monster fantasies of aggression, domination, and inversion are allowed safe expression in a clearly delimited and permanently liminal space.” This is implying that monsters such as clowns, dream of having their own little space to express how they truly feel. Through their comfortable space, they’re capable of examining, killing and eating those who enter their vicinity. They exhibit pure insanity because their domination, aggression and inversion are natural characteristics of what they represent. They prevail in society as lethal creatures who exhibit a psychotic infringement upon others. In a monsters culture, monsters such as clowns, isolate themselves as much as possibly to only come out when a person is at their most vulnerable state and influencing those who fantasize about killing someone. As the villain, they want as many followers as possible, just as much as the devil. When the devil observes notorious behavior that could bring harm to others, he is satisfied, just like clowns. The vindictive creatures of darkness wants to lead their followers to kill as many as possible. Many know Clowns from the American horror story, Ronald McDonald, Penny wise the Clown, etc.

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Furthermore, Penny-wise the clown is known for being a serial killer to children, coupled with many murderers that have lived the same lifestyle as Pennywise. If you fear them, they come for more and that is why the egregious behavior has habitually been showcased in theaters.A well-known villain known as Pennywise the clown is the clear definition of pure evil. People are known clowns are familiar to society but yet strange to the public. Penny-wise appears as friendly but feasts on the children because of their vulnerability. A clown painted face like penny wise is like a human but yet strange and creepy. He brings out the pure evil out of people. Penny wise has quite a mysterious nature that is quite vindictive. He displays a notorious nature that is under the depths of the world. The Idea of Penny-wise came from the serial killer John Wayne Gacy, who played as a clown at birthday parties. The only way to defeat Penny wise is to combat as a team with 7 children. However, whatever the children fear the most, Penny wise will transform into their biggest fear to haunt you forever because he desires that with a passion. Penny wise the clown is known for leaving and coming back after 30 years, however these children in the film/book are witnessing mortality at a much rapid rate whereas, mortality for children, is more progressive and slowed down. They need to adapt to the concept of apprehension or they will not survive for long in the novel/film. The Penny-wise character role in the movie “It” was quite frightening on the set of filming because many were petrified by the penny wise appearance and behavior because the actor plays a role that was creepy. Penny wise in character will be convincing and could be part of reality. This clown has a great sensation for fear, knowing that, his silly antics and goofy laughter brings fear into people. However, he will remind you of who Ronald McDonald is. Ronald McDonald is the mascot for McDonald’s that is dressed as a clown as well. With his friendly yet creepy personality, it brings sales for the business, but there are still those who are apprehensive about him because of his reputation for exhibiting malicious behavior. These are two clowns who display good and bad behavior but that is what creates the question of trustworthy of clowns because with their mysterious behavior makes it difficult to decipher who they are behind the makeup and clothes.

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However, clowns could also be friendly towards their public. When you see one, you automatically think of the circus that is full of entertainment, full of laughter, full of happiness. It creates a trust in these supernatural demonic beings. Clowns back then used to do a circus that was used for entertainment for the public. They’ve also volunteered a children’s hospital to create a therapeutic distraction for the youth’s illness. They want to divert the attention towards something positive and the clowns at the hospital appear to exemplify a friendly behavior towards the youth.  Overall, Clowns are mysterious creatures that could be perceived as trustworthy from the jump but, you never know until you’ve dealt with a real clown. They’ve had a reputation of infringing upon others and feasting on fear, but they’ve also entertained the public substantially.These outcomes bring a question to their egregious behavior. 





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