Out with the old and in with the new! For this essay I have chosen to compare the werewolf movie known as “The Werewolf in London” to the werewolf TV show called “Teen Wolf”. In the movie “The Werewolf in London” the werewolf named David Kessler is portrayed normal looking and not attractive after being bitten. Werewolves in “Teen Wolf” are portrayed to be extremely attractive human beings after being bitten especially the Alfa werewolf whose name is Scott McCall. I feel that Scott is a way better evolution of a werewolf than David in the entertainment business because of his type of werewolf characteristics and graphics portrayed on TV shows. I know I picked a common monster that are well known and not rare or unique. However, I feel werewolves are unique in so many ways. Werewolves are my favorite monster hands down because they’re so cool and calm under pressure with swagger. They carry human like interests, such as they like pizza and I like pizza especially with some meat on it, pun intended. Werewolves have human like features such as sleeping and dreaming because they are alive and living unlike vampires. Werewolves tend to stay out of trouble and mind their business from humans in peace. Usually werewolves help humans, but if anything, werewolves are hunted by humans because humans are scared of the beast. For those of you that don’t know a werewolf is a shape shifting human that turns into a supernatural wolf known as the legendary lycanthropes. If you are bitten by a werewolf then you become apart of there pack. The legend of the lycanthrope is the oldest monster in human history. Werewolves were first found in Europe in the 1500s and were accused as serial killers. David is seen as the serial killer type werewolf that no one wants to be because he is a shape shifter type werewolf (Crinos). Shape shifter werewolf turns into a gigantic terrifying wolf. As for Scott and the others they are seen as the werewolves that help people such as heroes because they are the wolfman type werewolf (Glabro). The wolfman werewolf is a human mixed with a wolf completion and seen to be less monstrous of the shape shifter werewolf.

The new evolution of werewolves in “Teen Wolf” are better looking and more appealing and I feel people have a desire to be them now than before. David is very hairy covering up this muscles compared to the werewolves in “Teen Wolf” where they are hairless showing off their muscles which is more desirable to the human eye. David is a pretty much an over grown wolf in a human structure when he walks on two feet in werewolf form, which is not very appealing. Meanwhile Scott and the others keep their human form with a half human and half wolf face when they become a werewolf. Scott if you ask me looks super scary with his wolf like face features and red eyes, but still is intriguing and badass for me to fantasy of being like him. Scott has red eyes to indicate that he is an Alpha werewolf, which is the strongest werewolf they are the leaders of their werewolf packs. Yellow eyes werewolves are Beta werewolves are second highest werewolves. Betas are strong enough to kill an Alpha to take their place as leader and become an Alpha. As for blue eyes werewolves well those are Omega werewolves and they are the weakest werewolves. Omega werewolves are weak because they new to the werewolf life and are still adjusting to it. Now if I had to choose I would want to be a human like werewolf and not turn into a complete dog. I’d go with the “Teen Wolf” werewolf, which sounds more appealing to me and everyone else. The different rankings of werewolves you can be in “Teen Wolf” intriguing unlike David with only one werewolf option.

David’s werewolf character in the movie is scarier, more miserable, dark sense of style, and not really desired of humans to be like them. At one point David wanted to kill himself because he didn’t like what he was becoming because he dreaded it. He was scared of the whole idea of his werewolf situation and didn’t want anything to do with it. I think it is pretty miserable when David wakes up at the zoo naked and unaware of his actions when he changed back into his human form. I don’t think anybody wants to wake up naked in the zoo with a bunch of other wolves, unless you’re into that kind of stuff. Now as to the werewolves in “Teen Wolf” they’re less scary, they have a swagger to themselves being much cooler, more appealing sense of style, and humans having a desire to want to be like them. When Scott was first bitten he was scared too like David, but he accepted his situation as a werewolf and wanted everything to do with it. Now when Scott transforms into a werewolf he doesn’t rip through his clothes like he’s some kind of beast, pun intended. Unless he decides to rip his shirt off like he usually does to show off his hairless muscles unlike David who is a hairy beast and not very appealing. The only thing that changes during the transformation is Scotts face. His face becomes wolf like, but not fully, which gives him half of a human complexion to his werewolf form. Scott is in control of his actions during his transformation and doesn’t turn up naked somewhere not remembering what he did like if he was at some kind of frat party. He became so intrigued with the scenario of his werewolf good looks and charm when his high school crush started to notice him more because of it. Scott also embraced the fact of his superhuman strength, speed, and senses that he went from being on the bench of his lacrosse team to being captain of it. When I first watched “Teen Wolf” I wanted to be like the main character who was Scott, wishing that a werewolf would bite me too, so I could be like him. Scott and all the other werewolves had a swagger to themselves knowing that they were indestructible with superhuman strength, speed, and senses.

Graphics of “The Werewolf in London” don’t even come close to the graphics of the werewolves in “Teen Wolf” because of how advanced technology is now in the 21st century. I mean yeah sure the 20th century did the best they could at the time with the technology they had. The 21st century has technology that makes the graphics look so real that it’s hard to tell which is real or fake. Now as for “The Werewolf in London” the werewolf’s face looks completely fake with no human complexion. Don’t get me wrong though I loved the transformation of David turning into a werewolf but it didn’t look so real. The movie did really show in full detail extent of how you transform into a shape shifter werewolf. The graphics and special effects did make me feel his pain of emotion he was going through during the transformation, so I’ll give the movie that. “Teen wolf” has the werewolves looking so real with their face of human mix with a wolf type complexion. The new graphics and visual effects portray the werewolves scary, but still appealing to the human eye that is desirable. When Scott or any other werewolves change, the graphics and special effects show that they don’t go through as much pain and change with ease anytime they want. The experience of the new graphics is tremendous change of the visual effects, graphics, style, and in the monster as well. Improvements are shown in the technology and effects.

In conclusion, “Teen Wolf” is a better movie than “The Werewolf in London”. Simply because the werewolves of “Teen Wolf” are better looking and more appealing to the human eye after being bitten. As where “The Werewolf in London” werewolf is still the same after being bitten and looks like a full grown wolf which makes him not very appealing. “Teen Wolf” werewolves have a human completion and a swagger to themselves to make us want to be like them with desire because they’re so calm, cool and charming. The graphics of the 21st century really show “Teen Wolf” in full detail of how a werewolf is supposed to look like. Even though the werewolf in “The Werewolf in London” does a great job on graphics for the viewer to feel the transformation, the “Teen Wolf” graphics beats it on so many levels. So again if you had to choose a werewolf from these movies I think you would want to be human like and less hairy all over your body to show off your muscles then be a super hairy walking dog.

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On this source it gives a background of where werewolves originated from and how they became to be. It explains to us of their powers. It also says how they use their powers and what they use it for. It is very explicit on the history of werewolves and if they might’ve been real or not.

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This source explains why some of us are intrigued and envy by werewolves. Explains why werewolves are so desirable to us. It is explicit on why we want to be like werewolves and wish that the Fantasy we have of them becomes real.

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The source provides us with information of how graphics, style, and visual effects are far more advanced than before of how we watch films. The images being portrayed to us give us a different experience on how we view films. Also that films now with the graphics that have we can tell what is fake or real anymore.