Witches seems to be marked as having magical powers using spells to create something good are creat something evil. Witches appear to be everywhere like in movies,tv shows, cartoons or even in story books. Witches always seems to appear in story books as being a older woman in a black dress with their face being the color green. Witches tend to be linked to old women that fly on brooms with big pointy hats wearing a black dress. All witches don’t look that way and they definitely don’t fly on broom in the sky. Witchcraft is what makes a witch a monster.

        Let’s look at what started all of this witchcraft and witchery chaos. Back in the fifteenth hundreds many different places such as the North American Indians practiced rituals  to worship their gods they were called shamans and they were both men and women neither of them were old. The Christian churches turned what was their rituals into witchcraft because they thought they were doing something evil. They thought that because they would do things that made them look like they were being possessed by demons they called them devil worshipers. Charms and beads, and different types of  body movements are what they used to worship their gods. There were other places that considered women who were old and widows were accused of doing witchcraft as well this was In England and the scotland culture. Now from centuries ago they are still portraying witches as being evil doers (Dennis).

                     In this movie called “The craft” the four witches used spell to wake the god of Maladies that they could put courses on the people that hurt them and to be healed of what they of the sickness they were going through. In this movie the three girls  need a fourth girl to complete the ritual that they are doing to help themselves with their personal issues that they are having in their lives. The fourth girl whom they’ve choose already have supernatural powers. They defined in their spell book to see what the fourth girl would be like and how she would stand out. When they started their ritual in this place that was far away from the city they dedicated themselves to the gods while casting a spell while directly towards the problems they were dealing with. The witches are all young teenage girls who are about sixteen that attend a catholic high school so from the seventeenth century the Christians did not allow that type of things in their churches in yet this film setting is around a Christian school. in recent television  like ‘The Vampire Diaries’ doesn’t stick to the traditional forbidden magic in the churches only in a few episodes when they flashback to the past.

                Vampire Diaries’ witch is a television series that aired on CW network in 2008 has a hand full of witches some are good and some are bad but this one particular witch whom name is Bonnie brunette play by the actress name Kat Graham is a witch from a line of witches that who gave vampires the opportunity to walk in the light by putting a spell on a ring called the daylight ring and from the witch who made these rings created a whole book of spells to keep the vampires and the witches from helping one another. In the show Bonnie ‘the witch’ hated vampires because of what they did to her family and did not want to help them severe evil people. She was the only witch who knew the spells that could help defeat the evil vampires. Now unlike the witches in “The Craft” she didn’t use her powers for revenge she only uses her powers of  her friends needed help. Bonnie was a normal high school student who was a cheerleader and unlike “the craft” didn’t attened a catholic school. Now Bonnie’s. grandmother who was a witch was a older lady who taught her what she needed to know about what witches were capable of doing and why they didn’t like vampires. In one particular episode in season one they do finally say what the vampires did to the witches in the past which is something like the witches in Salem Massachusetts were they out there girls on trial for executing witchcraft in the sixteen hundreds (Mixon)  On Vampire Diaries they burned  the witches in a church building for using magic to try and kill the vampires.         From children’s stories unlike the  ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and ‘The Craft’ witches are always seen as being old women with a big noses wearing black long dress  with a pointe black hat on flying broomstick with pointe black shoes on their feet.  The idea of older ladies being dressed all in black seemed to have that effect  everywhere because since the Europeans brought this to America along with the rituals that were being performed by shaman.  Witches have become more of being  unappealing in the faces of old women who cast spells by using  magic potions special rituals and charms just  to harm someone when someone is doing wrong to them. A day like the traditional day were people dresses up as monster is a day where the witch scrum comes into play so everyone who celebrate Halloween paints their faces with green makeup and dress themselves up to pretend they are evil witches walking around with brooms.


       Witches stand out as monsters because they tend to not only use their magic like in The Craft’ that used a book to call on a god for their own desire to have the things they wanted like: to cast a spell on someone to make them fall in love with them, to  bring revenge to another person for tormenting them and also used the magic  to heal someone of a womb that they had in order for them to fill attractive and have more confident in themselves. In Jeffrey Jerome Cohen of the seven thesis of monster future for the sixth thesis is described how some monsters desire to be either be a part of something their not or desire to have something they want and will do anything to get to it. Like in the “The Craft” one of the girls desired to have the power over anything and everything it started off as her family because she lives in a trailer home with her mom and her mom’s boyfriend. As you can tell that she desired power because she during the sacrifice she never said anything specific she only acknowledged herself as having the power to the God she was worshiping. Her wish was the last one to work because in the scene where her mom boyfriend was about to hit her mom she gets angry with rage and all of a sudden the food her mom was cooking bursts into flames and when she yelled at her mom boyfriend to ‘STOP IT’ as he was about to hit her mom he had has a heart attack and die that’s when she realized her wish came true and after the fact that because the guy does they also got a lot of money for it. . This indicates she knew she can have whatever she wanted but in one scene of the movie the girls go to a witchcraft store and ask about the book they had that contained how they complete that ritual to obtain their desires the owner of the store told them when overcome with so much power there is going to be consequences to it. Now In Vampire Diaries Bonnie ‘ the witch’ her grandmother told her that with every spell she does a sacrifice has to be made in a few episodes she sacrificed herself in order to save her friends.

     There are many different types of witches ones that use their powers or magic to heal people. Ones that are born into a family of witches like in some movies and television shows and those who make themselves witches  all because they want power and revenge. For movies and television shows are the stats true to what the meaning of what a witch truly acts like when they are being portrayed and a little bit of the background of what witches would have been like in the seventeen hundreds. ‘The Craft’ portrayed it very well with the worshiping a god and desiring to have the powers of that god. Far as  pictures and costumes are close to having an idea of what they may have looked like before the seventeen hundreds but flying on broomstick may have been a little bit over exaggeration on what type of flying the witched may have done did but that could be more for just to make things for folk tells that are being told also in books. In photos like the ones that are above are very different the pictures from the sixteen hundreds are showing that the witches all are dressed in regular clothes for their times which they are all in dress and nothing particular stands out. They image from the craft tries to create replica with their school outfits the only difference is they’re not wearing hats. Witches are all in different ages and can be portrayed as good people or devil worshipers the meaning will always be the same no matter what witch is being presented they all have magical supernatural powers.

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